Max Lemari Customised Driving Loafers

When it comes to footwear, versatility, style and comfort are the three things that we will typically demand here at Coolector HQ and these fantastic looking Max Lemari Customised Driving Loafers, which are funding on Kickstarter now excel in every area. Luxurious and impeccably crafted, any man after an eye-catching new pair of customised footwear for both work and play this summer won’t go too far wrong with this superb offerings from Italian footwear purveyors, Max Lemari.

The Max Lemari Customised Driving Loafers on Kickstarter are, as the name suggests, fully customisable with your own initials on the rear of the shoes which merely serves to add to their aesthetic appeal still further. Hand crafted in Italy, there really is a tangible sense of quality to this footwear that you will feel the minute you pull them on for the first time and once you’ve got them on, you won’t want to take them off again such is their exceptional comfort.

Italian Elegance

We love a good loafer here at Coolector HQ and these wonderfully customisable ones from Max Lemari are definitely to our liking. Having worked alongside some of the biggest luxury names on the planet including the likes of Gucci, Armani and Dior, Max Lemari certainly come from good stock and this is something which shines through in the design and aesthetic appeal of their footwear which is dripping in old school Italian cool and sophistication.

Everything about the Max Lemari Customised Driving Loafers on Kickstarter is handmade. They are hand-stitched, hand painted and hand constructed with a painstaking attention to detail which makes them amongst the finest footwear on the market and the fact you can pick up a pair on Kickstarter during their campaign for just €185 which is a bargain when you consider the retail price is expected to be €275. The quality of the construction combined with the eye-catching visuals and first class comfort really does set these personalised loafers apart from the competition and we’re sure many a dapper chap will be sporting a pair this summer.

The sheer wealth of options available to choose from with their Kickstarter campaign is positively overwhelming and you won’t be short of choices that’s for sure. Whether you’re after a bold, vibrant pair of loafers or something a good deal more understated, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill within Max Lemari’s excellent Kickstarter campaign. Each and every part of the shoes from Max Lemari heralds from Italy. After four decades of research and experience, their knowledge has led them to picking the best materials in the world to produce their supremely comfortable loafers.

Dapperness Personified

Few forms of footwear offer the same level of dapperness and sophistication than a well made pair of loafers and if its this sort of elegant style you’re looking for this summer (you’ll receive your footwear 30 days after the end of the campaign), then these magnificent Max Lemari Customisable Driving Loafers are few you. Stylish in the extreme and with out of this world comfort, we can’t wait to get our hands on a pair here at Coolector HQ.

If you like your footwear to have a distinctive Italian flair and no shortage of comfort, you’ll get all this and more with the brilliant Driving Loafers from Max Lemari funding over on Kickstarter now. With a massive saving to be had during the campaign, you’d be mad not to take advantage especially when you consider the out of this world quality which is on offer with this cracking Italian footwear.

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