Maxime Mary Breaking Bad Illustrations

Breaking Bad is an obsession of ours here at Coolector HQ and we can’t think of a show that we’ve enjoyed more than this in the last five or ten years. There really are few televisual treats that can hold a candle to Walter White et al so whenever we encounter something that plays to our love of Breaking Bad, we’re only too happy to report upon it. It is thus that we turn your attention towards these fantastic Breaking Bad Illustrations from French doodling master, Maxime Mary, who crafted these pieces for an art exhibition in Los Angeles at the Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra.

The objective of the art show, which is entitled “Little Golden Tales”, was to recreate the artist’s favourite television or movie in the form of a children’s story book and we’re definitely getting behind Mary’s awesome Breaking Bad take on what would surely be a children’s classic.

We’d happily read tales of Tuco and Jesse Pinkman to any offspring we have and we’ve got our fingers well and truly crossed that by some extraordinary stroke of luck, Maxime Mary decides to turn his illustrations into a fully-fledged piece of Breaking Bad children’s literature.


If you too have been similarly bitten by the Breaking Bad bug then we here at The Coolector are in no doubt that you’ll join us in loving these spiffing illustrations from the wonderfully talented, Maxime Mary. He doesn’t just spend his time sating our Breaking Bad appetite, there is plenty of other pieces of awesomeness to be discovered on this talented illustrators site.

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