MemoBottle H2.0

We first covered the MemoBottle a year or so ago as it was one of the cooler looking vessels for porting around your favourite beverages and they’re back with the MemoBottle H2.0 over on Kickstarter and very much looks like being more of the excellent same with this latest iteration of their eye-catching, portable accessories.

The MemoBottle H2.0 is a flat water bottle that is much less bulky and fits more seamlessly in your bag or pocket and this new range on Kickstarter introduces a whole heap of new accessories alongside two new bottles to be enjoyed – namely, an A7 size and an even more slim-lined offering that will make it one of the most versatile vessels to carry around on the market.

Slim Fit Bottles

The MemoBottle H2.0 have been carefully designed to offer an even more streamlined carry than the originals and will ensure that you’ve always got a receptacle by your side in your bag but it’s so understated and shaped to fit in small spaces that you’ll barely notice that it’s there. There is a clear problem of single use bottles when it comes to drinking water and the MemoBottle campaign aims to tackle that problem head on by delivering an attractive, functional solution that a consumer will want to use time and time again.

Elegance isn’t something that you’d normally associate with a water bottle but that’s certainly what you get with the MemoBottle H2.0 collection of wares. Stylishly designed and complimented by a wide range of eye-catching accessories to really bring the bottles to life, it’s hard not to be won over by what is trying to be achieved here – namely, drastically reducing the amount of plastic waste from one-use water bottles.

Each bottle in the MemoBottle H2.0 range is made from BPA BPS free Tritan plastic and is dishwasher friendly and can be frozen as well if you require. It offers an awful lot of functionality that joins its already impressive visual appeal to make it a real must have accessory for those who want to keep water close at hand on a daily basis. The new A7 MemoBottle is the brand’s most compact offering to date and will fit in places that other bottles simply won’t such as you back pocket which makes it so much less annoying to carry around.

Leather Leads The Way

Perhaps the most exciting element of this new Kickstarter campaign from MemoBottle is the introduction of a series of striking leather goods that ramp up the dapperness of the bottles considerably and will ensure that you’re always carrying your water in style. These leather cases for your bottle will help protect and preserve it for longer and each case is made from premium grain leather for a tangible touch of class.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new water vessel that has functionality and style rolled into one, this MemoBottle H2.0 over on Kickstarter is going to tick all of the right boxes. There’s still plenty of time to get behind the project on Kickstarter and pick one up for a bargain price. You know what you need to do.

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