Stone Jelly Handmade iPhone Cases

The iPhone is, of course, the smartphone that the majority of consumers gravitate towards today and whilst it is aesthetically appealing in its own minimalistic way, there is plenty of scope for jazzing up proceedings a bit and you’ll find few better candidates for doing exactly that than these super cool looking Handmade iPhone Cases from the talented workshop of Stone Jelly.

Stone Jelly are a UK based workshop that started out as a bit of an experiment back in 2013 born from a fascination with old school production methods and a solid belief that they could create something different, they got to work designing these immeasurably cool Stone Jelly Handmade iPhone Cases and the rest, as they say, is history.

Delicious Design

As a relatively new company, there aren’t a huge number of cases to choose from at Stone Jelly – in a case of doing a number of small things well as opposed to a lot badly – and we’ve outlined the best looking, hand-made cases below:

Deco iPhone Case

The Deco iPhone Case from Stone Jelly is hand-crafted from precision cut stainless steel which is then joined by the crisp texture of a hand constructed oak centre veneer. All this is then fastened together with micro fixings and eye-catching, hand turned brass rivets are added for extra robustness and strength. The inside of these excellent looking Deco cases are lined with precisely cut padding to ensure your iPhone enjoys a comfortable, safe and scratch free place to reside.

Price: $69

Pearl iPhone Case

A real aesthetically superior offering from Stone Jelly, the Pearl iPhone Case is a stainless steel, oak crown cut veneer & mother of pearl piece of design which all comes together to deliver the stunning accessory you see before you. It is reinforced with custom fastenings and dome formed brass rivets which have been chosen because they add immeasurably to the durability and strength of the cases. Each case is lined with a soft padding to make protect your iPhone whilst you’re on the go and bumps, scrapes and scratches will be a thing of the past.

Price: $89

Tesser iPhone Case

Our particular favourite here at Coolector HQ, the Tesser iPhone Case from Stone Jelly is another hand assembled case which combines the robust sheen of stainless steel with the tactile organic feel of a crafted rosewood veneer for a phone case that will turn heads everywhere you go. Each case is rigidly bonded with micro fastenings and tiny brass rivets for an exceptional level of strength and durability and then lined with padding to keep your phone safe, snug and scratch free the whole time.

Price: $69
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