Menswear Dog Book

It’s a pretty terrible state of affairs when a canine is considerably more stylish than you but that’s the situation that we find ourselves in at Coolector HQ but we’re happy that the dapper little chap in question is Bodhi, the stylish Shiba Inu from Menswear Dog fame and, better still, a book of his most classy looks of 2015 is inbound.

Though undoubtedly gimmicky, it’s impossible not to be won over by the impeccable style of Bodhi and there is something deeply rewarding from seeing dogs dress in clothing and, if you’re after some unquestionably accurate style tips delivered in a rather unusual form, then you’ll get exactly that with Menswear Dog: The New Classics book which is set for release this April. Take a look at some of Bodhi’s most stylish looks below:







If, like us, you’re not adversed to getting your fashion tips from a particularly suave looking dog then you’ll likely want to get your hands on a copy of Menswear Dog when it hits the shelves. A dog that looks like a fox has already got one over its canine counterparts truth be told and when you dress it as stylishly as this then it’s definitely going to be top dog.

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