Shrapnel Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to listening to your music on the go, when you’re out and about, camping and what have you, you’re going to need a device that is fit for purpose and doesn’t wimp out the first hint of rain or will smash into a thousand pieces when you drunkenly drop it – put short, you need one of these awesome looking Shrapnel Bluetooth Speakers.

The Shrapnel Bluetooth Speaker is one of the latest offerings from Skull Candy and will definitely not let you down from a performance point of view and if you’re after a rugged, versatile device for all your music requirements, this is certainly an ideal candidate. Drop-proof, splash-proof and an extremely resilient beast indeed, the Shrapnel Bluetooth Speaker has a wireless connection that lets you stream your music from any Bluetooth enabled device and boasts a powerful lithium battery which delivers about 10 hours of battery. Check out a couple more shots of the sturdy little construct below:

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With an outer shell made of splash proof materials, you needn’t be so worried about your speaker when you use it when out camping or at a house party because the Shrapnel Bluetooth Speaker is made of sterner stuff and will deliver impeccable performance and can stand up to a lot that would see other speakers running for the hills.

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