Meters Music OV-1 Headphones

You might think there isn’t really anywhere else for over ear headphones to go from a design point of view but you haven’t come across these extraordinary looking Meters Music OV-1 Headphones which, somewhat awesomely, boast a built-in VU meter which not only provides an unparalleled aesthetic appeal but a really cool feature that audiophiles are sure to love.


Meters Music OV-1 Headphones are the handiwork of Essex based designers and engineers, Ashdown Engineering, and these stunning accessories are definitely going to tick all the right boxes for any man seeking out a supremely cool, unusual set of headphones in 2017.

Born From Quality

You needn’t worry that these Meters Music OV-1 Headphones are a mere gimmick with no real technological prowess behind them because Ashdown Engineering are experts in the field and have created bass amplifiers for the likes of U2 and Lenny Kravitz. The quality of these cracking headphones is without question and the design and visual appeal is off the charts too.



It’s a fantastic design feature that the VU meter on each ear of these headphones from Meters Music respond to the music that you’re listening to and go up and down accordingly. Knowing full well what great tone sounds like, the guys at Meters Music have designed their OV-1 Headphones with this in mind and they boast  the latest technology with dynamic ANC (Automatic Noise Cancelling) function, which makes even the noisiest environment a place of tranquility and solitude.


Headphones are the sort of accessory that you’ve got to love to get the most out of and these glorious looking ones from Meters Music are likely to divide opinion but we’re firm fans of their aesthetics at Coolector HQ and you simply cannot argue with their engineering and technological prowess.

Sounds Good

The VU meter is the stand out feature with these headphones, of course, and they provide a dynamic look that lets those around you ‘see’ the level of the music you’re listening to. They operate exactly like the meters on a professional mixing desk, bringing a touch of the studio to your day to day musical enjoyment. The materials used in the manufacture of these OV-1 Headphones is first class and includes protein leather and a lightweight alloy frame.


For anyone on the hunt for an awesome pair of new headphones (and who is prepared to wait until around March next year), these superb looking OV-1 Headphones from Meters Music would unquestionably sit close to the top of our list here at The Coolector and we dare say there are an awful lot of audiophiles out there itching to get their hands on a pair when they hit the shelves.

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