Michael Bastian HP Smart Watch

We’ve been featuring a lot of smartwatches of all different shapes, sizes, capabilities and costs of late here on the pages of The Coolector and this is testament to the influx of devices that are steadily streaming onto the market and whilst some are hits and others a veritable swing and a miss, we’ve another to bring to your attention that definitely falls into the former category and it goes by the name of the Michael Bastian HP Smart Watch.

This attractively designed timepiece is unquestionably more of an actual watch than a piece of technology and has the aesthetic that reflects this admirably and for those consumers who are after a smart watch that gives them the info they need without necessarily forgoing the typical design of a timepiece completely, chances are the Michael Bastian HP Smart Watch will tick plenty of the right boxes. The device has been engineered by Hewlett Packard and designed by Michael Bastian to create a pretty impressive union between technological capabilities and a stylish look that will appeal to fashion conscious chaps.

Michael Bastian is an award-winning menswear designer so it stands to reason that this smart watch is an attractive proposition as opposed to an tech-heavy one and we’re certainly impressed with its visual appeal here at Coolector HQ. The principal reason it is bracketed within the smart watch fraternity is due to the fact it is constantly connected to the cloud and can provide updates and notifications about your emails, text messages and other updates aplenty. Boasting both Android and iOS compatibility, the Michael Bastian HP Smart Watch is already well geared towards today’s tech obsessed gentleman and the fact it retains some of the classical features of a conventional watch but merely adds to them with notification capabilities is something that will likely appeal to a lot of consumers out there. Check out a few more shots of this fantastic hybrid below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/OPxJuVCVJuE[/youtube]







It’s heartening to see designers taking so many different approaches to smart watches and this offering from Michael Bastian and Hewlett Packard definitely warrants some attention because not only does it have all that you would expect from an attractive men’s watch, it can also keep you well and truly on top of all your notifications and updates as and when you need them.

Available in two different iterations, Chronowing and Limited Edition Black Chronowing, you’ll be impressed with the features of this watch which include sapphire crystal glass front (on the limited edition), custom USB charger, three interchangeable straps on the Chronowing and a genuine black alligator leather strap on the limited edition and a minted Michael Bastian emblem on the caseback. All in all, a highly attractive timepiece with the additional technological benefits that modern consumers are increasingly demanding.

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