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Home design isn’t a forte of ours here at Coolector HQ but we know what we like and these brilliant looking 360 Shelves from Slovenian industrial designer, Luka Pirnat, definitely fall into our must have home accessory bracket for their excellent minimalist aesthetic and fantastically intuitive design.

The 360 Shelf is currently undergoing a round of funding over on Kickstarter and the idea of this shelving unit is to make your favourite possessions really stand out from the crowd by making them front and centre in a visually engaging way. These multi-use shelves can be tailored to your own unique requirements and this adds to their appeal still further for those people who really want to ramp up their interior design a notch. Crafted from solid beech wood and available in a number of different colour-ways, the 360 Shelf is a 45° platform for storing items of all shapes and sizes and the understated finish will unquestionably appeal to those after a modernist style to their wall storage solutions.

You can arrange your shelves at multiple different angles and patterns if you buy more than one shelving unit and they will be the perfect solution to storing books, magazines and other bits of home detritus that would otherwise clutter up your space. Check out a video about the 360 Shelf and a few other images of their attractive design and extensive capabilities below:

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″]http://vimeo.com/112086912[/vimeo]


Put things in the right perspective

A turn for the better


For any design enthusiast, there will certainly be a lot of potential uses for the 360 Shelf around the home and office and we’re definitely contemplating grabbing ourselves a few for Coolector HQ to store our various pieces of bric-a-brac. Undeniably simple in design but highly intuitive in execution, the 360 Shelf is exactly the sort of project that we like to get behind here at The Coolector and if you’ve been left equally as enamoured with its functionality, there is still ample time to show your support over on Kickstarter.

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