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We’re all ab0ut the well-made leather goods here at Coolector HQ and we’re forever scouting around the internet for purveyors of this manner of awesomeness and the latest pedlar of leather wares to have caught our eye goes by the name of Middle Classy and, safe to say, Burgundy would be impressed.

Middle Classy are a leather workshop who operate out of East Los Angeles, creating all manner of fantastic leather fodder for their eager consumers and for any chap with a penchant with superbly made leather goods, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with the various accessories from Middle Classy. Boasting all manner of goods including key-chains, wallets, phone cases and holdalls, there’s not much you can’t get your hands on with Middle Classy and we’re definitely impressed with the vintage appeal of their eye-catching leather goods.

All hand made in the USA, the range of leather wares from Middle Classy are self-classified by the brand, in the words of Notorious B.I.G as “sicker than your average” and we’re certainly inclined to agree having seen the range of exceptional looking goods. You can see a few of our favourites from this spiffing Californian brand below:






If you’re equally as enamoured with fantastically crafted leather goods and want to find a new supplier in 2015, we’ve no hesitation in recommending these awesome looking products from one of LA’s finest, Middle Classy. They’ve no interest in creating cheap, shoddy merchandise and all the various goods from Middle Classy and made with care which takes time, of course, but the finished products are far superior and, unquestionably, worth the wait.

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