Midrat Supply Co DeepCover Off-Body EDC System

We take our everyday carry pretty seriously here at Coolector HQ and we forever find ourselves on the hunt for new pieces of design that help sate our EDC appetite and we’ve found something exceptional in the shape of this Midrat Supply Co DeepCover Off-Body EDC System which is funding over on Indiegogo as we speak. This cracking piece of design is going to dramatically enhance any bag’s functionality with little to no impact on your daily routine and that’s why it is already proving popular over on the crowdfunding platform.


With prices starting at just $50 for the Early Bird EDC starter pack, the Midrat Supply Co DeepCover Off-Body EDC System is certainly one of the most functional and versatile pieces of design we’ve seen pertaining to the world of everyday carry in some time. It offers unprecedented capabilities to maximize your effectiveness in any situation that comes your way by making sure you never leave home without any of your essential pieces of EDC.

The Best Gear Is The Kind You Have With You

If you’re the adventurous sort that likes to head out into the wild in search of new experiences, you’ll be aware of the adage of “the best gear is the kind you have with you” and it is this ethos that is the catalyst behind the Midrat Supply Co DeepCover Off-Body EDC System. It will effortlessly fit into most bags and doesn’t make any sort of obvious impression on the bag that suggests you’re carrying it.

Ensuring quick access is the most important feature of the Midrat Supply Co DeepCover Off-Body EDC System and this is something they have achieved with aplomb. It has a faux front pocket which provides uninhibited, rapid access to all your gear and it has an ambidextrous design that means it will work for you whether you’re right or left handed. It is ultra concealable and the DeepCover Off-Body EDC System on Indiegogo is designed to work with any carry that has its own 15″ laptop sleeve – something that is found in most rucksacks and messenger bags today.

Boasting an incredible robust frame which is crafted from a Polycarbonate/ABS blend. It delivers mounting locations for your MOLLE gear and helps this top class piece of design act as it’s own compartment within your bag and make sure you have access to any of your gear as and when you need it. The sleeve conceals the frame and everything attached to it. It has a faux-front pocket which allows immediate access to what’s inside as well as a zippered top for when you need to swap out accessories. The interior is lined with microfiber and the exterior shell is durable while not being abrasive so all your tech will be safe from harm.

Pouch No Slouch

The great pouches that come as part of the Midrat Supply Co DeepCover Off-Body EDC System are exceptionally well designed and built to last. The Large EDC Pouch is fantastic for loose items and bulkier ones. It boasts exterior loops and a divided interior compartment to help keep your gear organised and everything exactly where it should be. The Single Tool Pouch is good for a spare magazine, a tourniquet, a flashlight, pepper spray, or multi-tool. It has an elastic band that grabs the item and keeps it in place.

Great affordability, unparalleled functionality and robust materials all combine to make the Midrat Supply Co DeepCover Off-Body EDC System an absolute must for any man who is serious about their everyday carry. Extremely concealable within any bag with a laptop sleeve, this innovative creation looks set to change the way people carry their gear and we fully expect it to be a supremely popular campaign over on Indiegogo. Go and bag yours for a bargain price now.

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