MiiR 64oz Growler

Craft beer is pretty serious business around these here parts and there is rarely a time when we don’t have it on the brain here at Coolector HQ. It isn’t just the drinking of craft beer that preoccupies us, it’s also porting it around and that’s why we’ve definitely had our heads turned by the rather excellent looking MiiR 64oz Growler.

MiiR are currently pre-funding their 64oz Growler over on their site now and for any man (or woman for that matter) who has a love of all things craft beer, chances are you’ll want to get in there early and pick one up for a bargain price. Whilst growlers aren’t as common here in the UK as they are stateside, there is an ever growing movement for them and we’re hoping to get our hands on one of these superb looking MiiR 64oz Growlers here at Coolector HQ.

Giving Craft Beer the Home it Deserves

The MiiR 64oz Growler isn’t just making your craft beer life better, it also has some excellent charitable aims as well because with each one purchased it helps fund trackable clean water & health projects – something that will warm the heart as you’re sinking those craft ales.

This great looking MiiR 64oz Growler is more an evolution than a revolution and has all the features of the brand’s classic Growler but with the addition of a buckle lid that locks in place when open and a handle for easy carrying on the walk home from the brewery after restocking your craft beer supply. Boasting sufficient storage for four pints (which should keep you going for an hour or two), the MiiR 64oz Growler is definitely going to stand out to ale lovers courtesy of a few stand out features that set it apart.

A leak proof design, coupled with thermo 3D double wall vacuum insulation and hardshell powder coat (which means no more sweating for your growler) all combine to make this a real stand out candidate for being your next means of porting your craft ale around and the fact you can pick one up for a reduced price during the pre-funding phase is the mere icing on the cake.

Brilliant Beer

Whilst we accept that not everyone will love craft beer as much as us here at Coolector HQ, for those of you that are serious about your ales and often frequent breweries and tap houses and wish to take home a pint (or four) than this really is the perfect receptacle for you.

Robust, durable and boasting an understated aesthetic cool that will ensure that you won’t mind porting it about, the MiiR 64oz Growler certainly ticks all of our boxes and the fact it also does its part in helping to support clean water projects will make you feel even better than you normally do when you’re polishing off your favourite craft beer.

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