Mil-Spec Supercharged F-150

So far as high end car customisations are concerned, the workshop of Mil-Spec Automotive are certainly sitting at the top table in our opinion here at The Coolector and, in order to strengthen this argument, their latest release is another home run. Say hello to the breathtaking Mil-Spec Supercharged F-150 – a stunning build that takes no prisoners and will tackle more or less any terrains that you can throw at it.

Mil-Spec Automotive are best known for their incredibly detailed H1 restorations which are ideally suited for enthusiasts looking for the ultimate truck. They are understandably proud to introduce their latest offering- the supercharged F-150 which comes equipped with the robust Intrepid Performance Package to the company’s growing line of high-performance supertrucks.

Powerful Performer

Designed to be the company’s most powerful truck to date, the new supercharged Mil-Spec Automotive Intrepid F-150 boasts a uncompromisingly mighty 675-horsepower upgrade to the 5.0L V8 engine and this makes it more than able to tackle anything on or off the road, all while making its presence known everywhere it goes. A real head turner if ever there was one.

The Mil-Spec Intrepid F-150 came to be because the workshop recognised that a subset of performance-focused owners demanded more power, and their new Intrepid Performance Package delivers significantly enhanced speed and torque across the board. The new Intrepid F-150 gives drivers a unique, limited series with an visual impact that anyone that has a penchant for great trucks will certainly appreciate.

The engineering team behind the build gave this Intrepid-equipped truck aggressive styling, specially made to appeal to passionate truck owners seeking an alpha pre-runner. Each Mil-Spec Automotive Intrepid F-150 is built with special Baja fenders that are a full seven inches wider than a 2020 Raptor. The F-150’s fenders are available in four special colours made to match the original factory colour palette. Designed with performance in mind along with a stealthy aesthetic, the Intrepid’s front and rear design are integrated with signature LED lighting, special Baja bumpers, and Mil-Spec badging.

Awesome Interiors

The interior of each one of these Mil-Spec Automotive Intrepid F-150 receives all new upgraded leather upholstery, super-premium billet controls/badging, and a special steering wheel designed to maximise the truck’s performance through magnesium paddle shifters. Now available as a limited-edition series, the 675-hp supercharged Mil-Spec Automotive F-150 boasts the very best performance combined with a tactical aesthetic that is all its own.

Mil-Spec’s Baja Performance Suspension package delivers a super-premium Baja Suspension with Fox Racing shocks to allow for up to 12 inches of overall travel courtesy of new control arms/half shafts. This high quality package provides a simple, adjustable ride that is purpose built to fit each customer’s driving preferences. Another belter from Mil-Spec Automotive.

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