Mille Cuirs Monster Book

Though we probably wouldn’t have much use for it (except staring at it all day) here at Coolector HQ, we’re strangely drawn to this Monster Book from Canadian artist, Mille Cuirs, much in the same way as Death Note and if you appreciate impeccable hand craftsmanship and an eye for monstrous detail, you’ll likely be equally enamoured with the amazing creations of this talented individual.

Responsible for the creation of many different, equally as eye-catching books, it is the Monster Book from Mille Cuirs that has really caught our eye here at The Coolector with it’s amazing attention to devilish detail and immeasurably striking aesthetic. If you’re looking for a coffee table book a little out of the ordinary, Canadian artist, Mille Cuirs is a name that should be well and truly on your radar.

Horry Story

These leather grimoire blank books from Mille Cuirs are a real sight to behold and it’s hard not to be impressed with the painstaking detail which has gone into their creation. The monstrous designs are perfectly suited to the workspaces of those with a penchant for horror of those looking to document their musings in a book that looks quite unlike anything else out on the market.

The Mille Cuirs Monster Book is a handmade item which has been put together from leather, paper, PVA glue, cardboard, glass eyes, thread and, if Cuirs is to be believed, damned souls. The visual impact of this spectacular creation is second to none and there are sure to be plenty of horror movie fans out there who will be able to find a spot for this top notch creation on their desks or throughout their home.

Described as a necronomicon grand grimoire, this stunning piece of design has been handmade using genuine black leather pieces which have been carefully stitched together to give the highly engaging finished product that you see before you. As you might expect, these creations from Mille Cuirs are extremely limited in nature, with most only have one available so if you like what you see with any of the work, you’ll need to move quickly to get these darkly humorous offerings in your hands.

Brilliant Books

With over ten books to choose from, you’re sure to find a horror tome to suit your sensibilities but it is this Monster Book from Mille Cuirs that has well and truly turned our heads at Coolector HQ. Blank on the inside, this could make for the perfect gift for any stationery loving horror fan and, whilst by no means cheap, costing over £200, you’ll not find many pieces which have been made with more care and attention than this.

Expertly crafted and horrifically designed, these brilliant leather grimoire books from Mille Cuirs are supremely cool and the sort of thing that will really bring a coffee table or workspace to life and provide a talking point for all who see them. If you’re after some unusual and horrifying pieces of design for your home in 2018, look no further.

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