Ressence Type 2 e-Crown® Concept Watch

So far as unusual and eye-catching timepieces are concerned, few can hold a candle to the design team at Ressence and they’re at it once again for 2018 with the visually astounding and technologically superior Ressence Type 2 e-Crown® Concept Watch which is available for pre-ordering now and will be shipping around June 2018. If you like your timepiece to turn heads, this is the accessory for you.

The Ressence Type 2 e-Crown® Concept Watch is billed as being years ahead of its time and the world’s first self-setting mechanical timepiece – a feature which is highly impressive to say the least. This magnificent construct from talented Belgian watchmakers, Ressence, does an admirable job of showing off the mesmerising potential of its automated time setting technology called e-Crown and for those that want innovation in their accessories, look no further.

Watch Wonderment 

From a pure visual perspective, Ressence watches are difficult to beat and that’s certainly the case once again with the spectacular Type 2 e-Crown® Concept Watch from the Belgian watchmakers. It has a redefined patented dial system (ROCS), an impressive lightweight but durable titanium construction, and an elegant, sleek looking design which is beyond compare, the Type 2 e-Crown® Concept watch is at the fore-front of contemporary fine-watchmaking and it has left us agog here at Coolector HQ.

The effortless style and performance of the Ressence Type 2 e-Crown® Concept Watch is something which is impossible not to be impressed by and you just need to set the time of your Type 2 e-Crown® Concept once via the lever on the case back and then you are ready to go for good. This means that there is no longer a need to think about your watch setting or adjusting your timepiece anymore, as this fantastic accessory does it all for you. And when using the e-Crown® technology, in combination with the Ressence display discs it is a visual spectacle like no other.

Incredible levels of craftsmanship have gone into this new offering from Ressence with the main disc, alongside the auxiliary discs, capable of revolving with ease and automatically, which means that they act like fast-forwarded moons around a planet and if that’s the sort of aesthetic you appreciate with your watches, you’ll not find any quite like this anywhere else out there. The Type 2 e-Crown® Concept from Ressence, consists of 500 components and is a real mechanical wonder, and delivers the very best in 21st century horological experiences.

Unparalleled Performance 

The main stand out feature of this new timepiece from Ressence is the e-Crown®: which is an in-house electro-mechanical embedded system which has the capacity for registering, monitoring, adjusting and most importantly setting the time of the Type 2 e-Crown® Concept without any form of human interaction or intervention. Impressive stuff, no?

This app enabled watch just needs a double tap to awaken the embedded system and a single tap to pilot the selector in the mode menu. Found on a sub-disc is a selector which will always let you know what mode you are currently in. This stunning accessory can set and display two time zones manually via the lever on the case-back or connect via Bluetooth with the e-Crown® app so it is extremely versatile. An out of this world new timepiece from one of the most innovative watchmakers on the planet.

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