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Though we’ve not been to that many museums in our time here at Coolector HQ, that is principally through lack of time rather than inclination. We need someone willing to bring the museum to us and, somewhat brilliantly, that’s exactly what a chap by the name of Hans Fex is doing via the medium of his superb looking Mini Museum project which has already received ten times his required amount on Kickstarter despite still having over a month left to pledge – a fact which suggests that its not just us who are hankering after our own slice of history.

The video above does an excellent job of explaining what Fex is hoping to achieve with his Mini Museum and the sorts of artefacts that will be making up his project and we here at The Coolector would happily have one of his spiffing sets of historical paraphernalia taking up pride of place on our work space. This truly unique idea has an array of objects which have been individually curated by Fex himself and have been set in resin to add another historical touch to the finished product.

This has definitely been a slow-burning project for Fex, who has been collecting artefacts for the last 35 years specifically for this project and we’re glad he stuck to it because there are some truly extraordinary pieces of human history to be found in his Mini Museum such as a meteorite from Mars, bricks from Abraham Lincoln’s home, a piece of the Berlin Wall, a dinosaur egg and many other unique odds and ends that will make for a mightily impressive paperweight on your desk. You can check out this great looking project below:

mini museum


The items that will be on the finished product will be dependent on whether you opt for a small, medium or large version and you can see Fex’s full list per size below in terms of the pieces of history that you will be able to enjoy from the comfort of your desk:


If you’ve fallen for Fex’s charming attempt at creating a Mini Museum for the masses, there is still plenty of time to show your support for this project over at Kickstarter. You can rest assured that we here at Coolector HQ will be doing exactly that.

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