Stanley Chow Prints

We don’t exactly hide the fact that we’re firm fans of stylish prints here at Coolector HQ and when said prints are coupled with some of our favourite icons from the silver screen and television, our love of these prints invariably increases exponentially. This leads us rather nicely onto the superbly realised set of prints above by a talented fellow who goes by the name of Stanley Chow (Hangover relation unknown) who operates out of Manchester and who has crafted a fantastically stylish set of prints for us all to enjoy.

Using his creative handiwork to produce some supremely stylish prints of some of our favourite characters here at The Coolector, such as Walter White, Magnum P.I and Travis Bickle, these spiffing pieces of artwork will make an excellent addition to the walls of our headquarters. If you’re on the lookout for some uber-cool prints to breathe a little life into a room, these top notch pieces from Chow will definitely tick all of the right boxes and his awesome prints have left us mightily impressed indeed.

Stanley Chow is one of the best illustrators we’ve come across in some time here at Coolector headquarters and the skilled chap lives, works and unwinds in Manchester and his great eye for illustrative icons makes us want to add every single one of his prints to any square inch of space we have on the walls of Coolector HQ and we’re in no doubt that you’ll be equally as impressed by his first rate stable of eye-catching and super-stylised prints.

Price: £15 Approx

Available: The Coolector Store

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