Miniature 3D Printed Planets

In the same week that some design firm announced that they had entirely 3D printed a house, we’ve decided to cover something a good deal smaller but certainly no less awesome in the form of these super cool Miniature 3D Printed Planets from the guys at the appropriately named, Little Planet Factory.

The Miniature 3D Printed Plantets by The Little Planet Factory pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin and provides a great selection of celestial bodies for your workspace in microscopic detail. Describing themselves as makers of miniature planets and other astronomy themed curiosities, it’s hard not to be won over by the attention to detail found here and for any lovers of astronomy, there can be no better workspace accessory.

When the Planets Align

3D printing is something we always take an interest in here at Coolector HQ and when it’s as painfully cool as these Miniature 3D Printed Planets it’s hard not to sit up and take notice. These top notch little accessories are described as being an intersection of 3D printing, scientific data and a love of craftsmanship and ensuring the accuracy of their designs and, because of this, Little Planet Factory have been able to create uniquely evocative objects that will light up the lives of astronomy aficionados.

Each one of these interstellar objects is a unique and detailed representation of the chosen planet and whenever a new Miniature 3D Printed Planet is created, it is based on up to the minute astronomical data which invariably means no two are exactly alike. Crafted out of dust sized particles, which is good because it means there is no seam to the planet, this first rate piece of design will then undergo a manual inspection and a layer of protective coating which is applied by hand before then being securely packaged and sent out to the lucky recipient.

Astrology lovers will find a lot to appreciate with the wares from Little Planet Factory and whether you want to buy a single planet like Earth or Mars or would prefer to invest in a whole solar system, you can do exactly that and gradually fill your workspace with the complete line up of planetary perfection.

Printing Prowess

Since Gutenberg first invented the printing press, it’s fair to say the process has come a long way since then culminating in 3D printing and whilst these amazing Miniature 3D Printed Planets from Little Planet Factory might not change the world in the same way a printed house might, we’re definitely huge fans here at Coolector HQ and were immediately won over by the striking visuals and sheer attention to detail throughout.

If you’re after some cracking accessories to really bring your workspace to life, you’re going to find few better candidates for the job than these excellent Miniature 3D Printed Planets. No time like the present to start working on your own planetary workspace roster.

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