Macallan x URWERK Flask

To be quite honest, we probably wouldn’t be the sort to spend over $2000 on a flask here at Coolector HQ but for those that take their whiskey seriously, have luxuriously deep pockets and a penchant for limited edition accessories, chances are you’ll want to sit up and take notice of the rather extraordinary Macallan x URWERK Flask.

A collaboration between whisky brand Macallan and watchmakers, URWERK, this stunning piece of EDC isn’t, as you may have gathered from the lofty price-tag, your run of the mill offering and is, in fact, exceptionally complex in design and engineering which, for anyone familiar with the timepieces from URWERK, won’t be surprised to hear. The Macallan x URWERK Flask is about as luxurious as it comes from a whisky sipping perspective and it’s definitely captured our attention here at Coolector HQ.

Expensive Tastes

Though we’re not hugely into whisky here at The Coolector, it’s hard not to be impressed with the sheer level of craftsmanship and engineering that has gone into this Macallan x URWERK Flask and for those who want to carry around their spirits in style, there really is no better way to do it. Limited to just 500 pieces, this first rate collaborative effort from two leaders in their respective industries is going to resonate with both horology aficionados and whiskey lovers alike and it elevates your EDC to a whole new level.

The Macallan x URWERK Flask is composed of 150 individual parts which, when you consider the generally simple design of flasks for the most part, is pretty impressive in its own right. For those familiar with the watches of URWERK, the highly unusual and distinctive design of this flask is likely to immediately look like one of their timepieces because of the bold, and supremely complicated way, in which it is presented and operates.

A magnificently crafted product that reflects Macallan’s inherent mastery, intricacy and individuality and expertly combines it with URWERK’s unusual design aesthetics and highly innovative approach to the engineering process. A real statement of what can be achieved when whisky mastery joins forces with obsessively engineered horology.

Master Craftsmanship

Every about the Macallan x URWERK Flask screams quality including the fact that it is a machined aluminium, titanium and stainless steel work construct which is more a work of art than piece of drinkware truth be told. It most impressive features include two titanium tanks which is important because it means you can carry two of your favourite Macallan whiskies simultaneously and well thought out winglets that create a stand for the flask and cask indicators that enable you to track the cask type and age of the whisky in each tank.

We’re thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail and mesmerising quality of the craftsmanship with this Macallen x URWERK Flask and for those out there with a penchant for the finer things in life, particularly from a whisky and watch point of view, there can be few better investments in 2017.

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