MiniMod Portable Shelter

We’re all for fantastic design here at Coolector HQ, particularly when it comes to architectural structures which serve a purpose and boast innovative design features that set them apart. Enter the MiniMod Portable Shelter which, on the surface, may not seem that mesmerising but when you dig a little deeper, it really is hard not to be thoroughly impressed.

The MiniMod Portable Shelter is, as the name more than alludes to, a functional, portable shelter that can be deployed in a whole host of different guises to suit your own personal requirements. This clever piece of design from Brazilian studio MiniMod is essentially a structure which comprises of various identically sized modules, each with a different purpose, which can be put together to deliver a highly versatile structure of your choosing.

Small But Perfectly Formed

With only your own creative instincts holding you back, you can come up with more or less limitless combinations of the MiniMod Portable Shelter by utilising alternative layouts of the modules and each module measures 27 square metres (290 square feet), and consists of a lightweight but robust steel frame which is enclosed by plywood and glass for an understated and stylish looking finish.

These are more than shelters though because, such is the scope of design configurations with the MiniMod, you can turn it into a fully fledged home and each unit comes replete with some basic furniture options along with air conditioning, wardrobes, mini oven and mini fridge to name but a few so you’ll definitely be hitting the ground running with this superb piece of design and craftsmanship.

The MiniMod Portable Shelter aims to be as economical with power as possible and lighting is provided by efficient LED lights which provide ample mood lighting for any occasion and add a real touch of understated cool to the structure. For those looking for additional living space or the ultimate fortress of solitude then these MiniMod Portable Shelters will unquestionably tick all of the right boxes.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

With each MiniMod Portable Shelter taking around 45 days to construct prior to be transported to the site of your choosing and put into place using a crane, it’s clear to see that it’s a good deal quicker than trying to build your own house and with the sort of customisation options you’re afforded as a result really is second to none.

The MiniMod Portable Shelter has left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ and for those of you out there seeking out some amazing new living space which you can really tailor to your own needs and space requirements, then this is the perfect candidate for the job.

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