Mioou Cat Furniture

If, like us here at Coolector HQ, your cats live like kings and you want to make sure they’ve got the best, you’ll want to check out the amazing looking Mioou Cat Furniture which, as it is designed by an actual architect, has a devilishly cool aesthetic not often seen with furniture of this nature. If you want to make sure your cats have the best without compromising on your interior design aesthetic, this is the choice for you.

Created by animal lover Katarzyna Galicka-Szer who has launched this superb Mioou brand of cat furniture – which includes scratching houses, tunnels, and posts – with her three cats at the forefront of her thinking. Knowing full well that cats are going to scratch, Galicka-Szer made the decision to combine her architecture background with the requirements of her cats and deliver a range of handmade scratchers both you and your cat will appreciate.

Feeling Feline

Rather than tearing your furniture to pieces, your cats can now happily scratch away on these ace looking Tula Scratching House, Tito Scratching Tunnel, or Lila Scratching Post from Mioou. They are all crafted from cardboard, felt, and jute that makes them robust enough to deal with your cat’s antics.

The scratchers from Mioou come in various, warm colours and natural materials that can effortlessly fit in with any interior design aesthetic, while offering your cats the feelings of security and a fun place to play, relax, and take a cat nap. Each one of the designs is lightweight and easy to move around when required – they even have jute rope handles on the top for enhanced portability for moving around the home.

Mioou is a brand of furniture which is purpose built for cats from cat’s perspective. It combines functionality, aesthetics and original design and all the products are cat, home and environment friendly. The collection consists of houses, tunnels and scratching posts so you’ll be able to find the ideal products for you and your cats. Individual elements can be used separately or combined into sets and more pieces means more possibilities and more place for playing and relaxing.

Stimulating Your Cat

When you look at the world from cat’s perspective, you’ll want to give them everything to be happy. That’s the way, how you should look at the furniture of Mioou. The transparent walls stimulate their endless curiosity and allow you to keep an eye on them too.

Equipped with well-thought-out openings, bite grips and scratch areas, this furniture encourages your cats to play and have fun. Cats don’t need any manuals for this furniture, because they instinctively know, what to do with it. If you’re after some great looking furniture for your cats, Mioou would be a top pick of ours at The Coolector.

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