Mission Workshop Blackwell High Performance Track Jacket & Pant

When it comes to high performance accessories and apparel, the guys at Mission Workshop are one of the first brands to spring to mind for us here at Coolector HQ and they’ve showcased their credentials in this arena once again with their latest release, the Blackwell High Performance Track Jacket & Pant which is sure to appeal to the adventure inclined looking for highly versatile and functional clothing for their daily lives.

The Mission Workshop Blackwell High Performance Track Jacket & Pant is a tailored, ultra-high-performance track jacket and pant set which has been carefully designed so that it can either be worn together or separately. At the heart of the Blackwell collection is a new 4-way stretch fabric which uses a high amount of 37.5® yarn woven in a 3-D textured diamond pattern. The end result of this is a garment with virtually unmatched vapour management performance that doesn’t have the “clingy” feel of conventional moisture wicking garments.

Performance Priority

As with all the releases from Mission Workshop, the emphasis is on performance with the Blackwell High Performance Track Jacket & Pant which boasts an impressive level of design detail. This excellent pair of apparel from the San Francisco based brand uses 37.5® yarn woven which is the most effective moisture management technology available on the market right now. In contrast to existing technologies that wick moisture away from the skin after liquid sweat has formed, 37.5 keeps the body from creating liquid sweat in the first place by moving moisture out when it’s still in vapour form.

The Mission Workshop Blackwell High Performance Track Jacket & Pant traps odour molecules, does not rely on chemical finishes, and never washes out so the level of performance it offers on a daily basis is second to none. The diamond pattern on the interior of the fabric helps to minimise the surface area that comes in contact with the skin and this delivers a garment that doesn’t have feel to unwieldy and will provide you with the sort of freedom of movement that you’ll want and demand from your choices of apparel.

The Blackwell collection from Mission Workshop has a subtle, understated exterior surface texture which is combined with a high degree of design detailing which allows it to be worn both on and off the track. This means that it is just as at home being worn in the city or whilst traveling and the comfort it delivers is unparalleled. It has two zippered hand warmer pockets and two zippered chest pockets for storing all of your EDC essentials.

Comfort is Key

We all want apparel which expertly marries style with comfort and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Mission Workshop Blackwell High Performance Track Jacket & Pant. Whether you’re on or off the track, these great looking garments from Mission Workshop aren’t going to let you down and boast top class materials and clever design so as to offer the ultimate in activity performance.

Mission Workshop are masters of delivering high quality apparel and accessories and seldom have they done it better than with the Blackwell High Performance Track Jacket & Pant. If you’re after some wares that deliver both in the style and performance department this spring and summer then you really need look no further.

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