Cut Throat Club Razor Kits

Shaving is a real art form truth be told and, like any artist, you’re only as good as the tools that you’ve got at your disposal so, if you’re a regular shaver, it’s important to make sure you’ve got the best kit on hand and that’s why we’ve had our heads well and truly turned by the superb looking Razor Kits from Australian shave ware pedlars, Cut Throat Club.

It only takes one shave with sub-standard products to learn your lesson and the minute you up your game to superior shaving goods, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision and that’s all you’ll find with Cut Throat Club – top class shaving kits, filled with everything that you required to deliver a first class shave each and every time.

Shave Perfection

The brainchild of Russ Egan, Cut Throat Club was born from the frustration of regularly buying sub-standard, disposable razors and a desire to give men a much better option – namely, Razor Kits that boast all the key components for delivering the best possible shave every time you need to tame that beard. The quality wares that combine to make a Razor Kit from Cut Throat Club are impressive to say the least and cover every element of the perfect shave from the razor itself to the products for protecting your skin after.

Cut Throat Club Razor Kits are on a mission to bring wet shaving with a straight edge razor back to everyday use across Australia and, based on the excellent quality of these kits, we’re in little doubt this will be a mission they accomplish. Low quality, disposable razors are something that we will all have used in our time and will be only too aware of the pain and difficulty in shaving they can cause and when you open your Cut Throat Club Razor Kit it will be like an epiphany for shaving and produce a much more streamlined and comfortable experience.

With a dedication to providing the best shaving products possible without breaking the bank, Cut Throat Club have certainly got an ethos we can get behind here at Coolector HQ and for those of you who put a lot of stock in shaving and want to make sure you’ve got nothing but the best, this Australian brand will be perfect for you too.

Products Aplenty

Shaving can be a complex process requiring an abundance of products if you really want to make sure that you’re doing right and, as luck would have it, you’ll find all of these products under one roof with Cut Throat Club. With the likes of brushes, strops, bowls, soaps, razor blades and much more all available to purchase separately or as part of one of their superb shave kits, it’s easy to see why men across Australia are falling for Cut Throat Club.

If you’re serious about ramping up your shaving game in 2017 and looking for the perfect products to do it, you’ll discover everything you’re after with Cut Throat Club Razor Kits. We’re mighty impressed with the dedication they’ve shown to providing the best possible shaving products for the best possible price and if that’s something you value too, look no further for all your shaving needs.

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