Mission Workshop Pavement and Gravel (PNG) Cycling Collection

If you regularly head out on the open roads about your bike, you’ll want to make sure you’re properly attired for the occasion and weather and terrain conditions that face you and you’ll certainly not got to far wrong with the Pavement and Gravel (PNG) Cycling Collection from Mission Workshop which is filled with well-crafted, functional and versatile pieces of cycling apparel for all your riding needs.

The Mission Workshop Pavement and Gravel (PNG) Cycling Collection is a Drop-Bar inspired series of cycling wares that boasts technology advanced fabrics and carefully tailored aesthetics to deliver the ultimate in riding performance and visual impact. This cracking collection of cycling goods from Mission Workshop will definitely appeal to anyone who is serious about their cycling and settles for nothing but the best.

Understated But Impactful

Fantastically put together, the Mission Workshop Pavement and Gravel (PNG) Cycling Collection consists of a range of understated performance pieces which are predominantly crafted in the USA and use the leading, cutting edge fabrics. Whilst it’s true the landscape of cycling might have changed, the requirements for versatile, top performing clothing apparel has not. As a result of this, Mission Workshop aims to bring their signature attention to fabric detail and cut to their flagship collection for drop bar cyclists.

The Pavement and Gravel (PNG) Cycling Collection from Mission Workshop is set apart by the types of materials used in the crafting process. They have focused on using fabrics that deliver a performance equaling or exceeding anything else in the cycling arena. These materials include the likes of ultralight Japanese weather-resistant material in the Interval jacket to a unique Italian 4-way-stretch fabric and strategically incorporated Dyneema fibre used in the cycling bibs. In addition, there is the revolutionary performance of 37.5 material which is seen in most of the PNG range and it’s clear Mission Workshop have left no stone unturned in making sure their cycling apparel is the best that it can be.

Probably the stand out material used in the creation of this Pavement and Gravel (PNG) Cycling Collection from Mission Workshop is the 37.5® technology. These materials use microscopic microporous particles which are derived from volcanic sand and activated carbon to regulate water vapour from the skin before it has the chance to bead into sweat, and will move moisture more efficiently than any other fabrics. The result of this more effective evaporation produces cooling, keeping the body close to the ideal core temperature of 37.5 degrees celsius.

Plenty of Choice

With all sorts of apparel to pick from within this Pavement and Gravel (PNG) Cycling Collection, you are sure to find the perfect piece to add to your adrenaline packed wardrobe. Some of the stand out pieces of the collection in our opinion here at Coolector HQ include the PNG Jersey, PNG Bib Shorts and the Interval Jacket to keep you protected from the elements on the days when the weather isn’t playing ball.

Boasting exceptional performance, first class materials and appealing pricing throughout, the Mission Workshop avement and Gravel (PNG) Cycling Collection is sure to resonate with the cycling fraternity out there. A fantastic flagship offering in this market from Mission Workshop and one that is going to endear them to keen cyclists for years to come.

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