Mit Chit House

When it comes to contemporary architecture, Thailand is one of the best in the business and Mit Chit House is a fine example of this fact in action. Designed by Looklen Architects, Mit Chit House is chock full of first class modern features which make it one of the most aesthetically impactful homes we’ve seen in a while here at Coolector HQ.

Boasting a pretty vast 350m² of living space, Mit Chit House is located in Khet Talen Chan area of Thailand and in the tropical region of “Suan Phak” district. Contemporary and minimalist, as we’ve come to expect from Thai architecture, Mit Chit House stands inside a well-established compound, and is surrounded by verdant fruit gardens that, while beautiful, add to the housing estate’s ageing aesthetic.

Top Quality Thai Architecture

The name of the home literally means “close together” and the owners found another meaning to its name: “close friendship”. This is due to the fact there is a double meaning found in the Thai words Mit (both pronounced “Mit”) thus it is close to the existing house and also bonded the family closer together. Mit Chit House boasts some astounding design features throughout which really elevate it above the norm.

Designed to preserve the greenery which surrounds it, Mit Chit house is built with four miniature courtyards in its core that measure 3x3m and 3x5m. Open spaces, wide halls, and an array of windows make the most of the natural source of light, inspire feelings of freedom and closeness to nature. No matter where you stand in this amazing property, you will be treated to a gorgeous view of greenery and the house’s interior keep family members connected to the outside world as well as the inside.

Walls built around the concept of Passive Design help to ensure that Mit Chit House’s interior remain cool in the unforgiving Thai heat, while framing views from within with muted sophisticated. Not only do they deliver much required insulation from the constant light shining through the southern side of the property, but they also beautifully complement the surrounding plant life.

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