LEGO Art World Map

If you’ve always wanted a map of the world on your wall but really want to make yourself work for the privilege, you’ll want to check out this LEGO World Map which is the Danish toy brand’s most intricate and, let’s face it, nigh-on impossible release to date. The LEGO Art World Map has nearly 12k individual pieces which is definitely not going to be a walk in the park to put together but when you do complete it, there will be a tangible sense of accomplishment.

The LEGO Art World Map is a new addition to the LEGO art collection and spans 25.5″ high x 40.5″ wide (that’s just over two feet x three feet) and comes with a hanging hook so you can proudly display it on the wall when you’ve managed to piece it together. Enjoy the colourful finished piece or add LEGO “push pins” to track all the places you’ve visited or want to visit.

Devil in the Detail

If you’re a LEGO aficionado, this Art World Map is the ultimate challenge and will need a lot of commitment to complete in its entirety (and correctly). The set comes with 40 interconnecting base plates that are split into three different sections so you can arrange it in one of three different ways. That allows you to place your favourite part of the world in the centre of the map.

Priced at $249.99, the LEGO Art World Map certainly doesn’t come cheap but if you’re after a striking and out of the ordinary focal point for any room in your home or office, this will more than fit the bill. By following the instructions, the colourful ocean tiles are positioned as if they were bathymetric maps showing the topography of the ocean floor. You can, of course, furrow your own path as well by rearranging the ocean tiles to create different patterns.

With the LEGO Art World Map there is even a curated soundtrack of travel experts regaling stories to listen to while you’re building your map. If at some point you grow weary of the current layout of your World Map, you can uust take it down and rebuild it for a new aesthetic and visual impact for your home.

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