MM House

There are so many different tastes when it comes to architecture, of course, but if you’re a fan of modern and contemporary designs, this eye-catching MM House will probably be very much to your liking as it is to ours here at Coolector HQ. MM House has been designed by Sergio Miguel Godinho Arquiteto and is located in Odivelas in Portugal. It boasts a highly striking aesthetic and a clever use of space which really works for the homeowners.

The MM House by Sergio Miguel Godinho Arquiteto has 180m² of living space which is more than enough room for the owners who have opted for minimalistic interiors which are understated and work fantastically well in the warm climate of Portugal. One of the most striking features of the property is how the floors are evidenced in the different elevations through plans that demarcate the two levels of the housing and the connection between floors is made through a black chromatic ladder, integrated into the social area of the home.

Portugese Perfection

There is a highly distinctive look and feel to a lot of properties in Portugal and the MM House taps into this aesthetic and gives it a contemporary twist that immediately catches the eye. It is definitely one of the first houses you’ll notice on what is a quiet residential street in Odivelas in Portugal and the highly modern profile of this property sets it apart from the other houses on the street but not so much as to be an eye-sore.

The MM House boasts clean lines in its design both inside and outside and the quality of the interiors really helps add a touch of class to the overall design of the property. There is something incredibly calming and relaxing about an all-white house and this is particularly evident when its located in a warm climate like Portugal. Inside the MM House it is the staircase which dominates proceedings and it is such a fantastic addition to the home by Sergio Miguel Godinho Arquiteto.

We’ve got a soft spot for high quality contemporary architecture here at The Coolector and the MM House from Sergio Miguel Godinho Arquiteto unquestionably falls into that bracket. It is clear that a lot of thought and attention has gone into the little details of the design and this shines through in the finished home you see before you. If you’re a fan of minimalist design and laid back living, it’s hard not to be impressed with what has been achieved here.

Contemporary Classic

Whilst we’ve definitely got a love of classical architecture, there is something about the freedom of modern buildings that is hard not to be won over by and this MM House has that allure in spades. Located in Odivelas, which is just outside of Lisbon in Portugal, this mesmerising property does a wonderful job of showcasing the considerable design talents of  Sergio Miguel Godinho Arquiteto and we can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

MM House is a lesson in minimalist design and contemporary creations and for those of you that love the thought of living in Portuguese luxury, this property has probably just sealed the deal for you. Glorious from an aesthetic point of view and designed to make the most of the Portugese climate, what’s not to like?

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