DemerBox Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Summer has still got a few weeks left in it yet and this means there is still plenty of time for backyard BBQs, beach days and camping trips out into the wild. If, like us, you like to have tunes and craft beers to accompany these experiences, you’re going to want to sit up and take notice of the DemerBox Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker which is just about as rough and ready as audio devices come and will be ready for anything that you can throw at it this summer.

The DemerBox Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker offers loud and clear sound with an impressive amount of bass and will bring all your outdoor adventures to life with your favourite playlists. With prices starting at $349, they are a great value outdoor speaker which is built to last and will deliver an impressive sound quality for all your outdoor excursions. Boasting a 40 hour battery life and waterproof design, there’s no adventure too big or small for this magnificent bit of audio apparatus.

Rugged, Robust Performance

Speakers made for the outdoors need to be made of tougher stuff than the norm and this is particularly true of these great offerings from DemerBox. It’s not just a speaker, it also has a dry, internal storage space for all your essential gear when in the great outdoors such as suncream, wallets and phones. The DemerBox speaker’s sound positively excels and provides the soundtrack loud enough for all your outdoor adventures.

The DemerBox ($349+) lets you create a waterproof case with DemerBox’s port plug that seals the Pelican case making it waterproof. The outstanding battery life of 40+ hours gives you the freedom to roam in the great outdoors before having to charge the speaker up again. The crushproof Pelican case makes the DemerBox Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker one of the most rugged and durable on the market – built to last a lifetime.

Courtesy of the internal USB port, you can keep your phone, device or pretty much anything with a USB connection charged, while you crank the tunes on this first class speaker. One DemerBox is plenty enough to get the party started but, if you want to, you can pair multiple DemerBox speakers around your pool or camping site to create the ultimate outdoor sound system. The sound quality is mighty impressive and you just won’t find a speaker on the market that can handle as much rough and tumble as the DemerBox.

USA Made

Each DemerBox Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker has been hand-built in the United States and was developed from extensive durability tests on every continent and environment imaginable to make sure it stands up to any outdoor adventure you take it on. Wherever you go, DemerBox has been there and delivered the tunes. Extremely portable, the compact size and light weight of the DermerBox makes it easy to take anywhere.

With prices starting at just $349, the DemerBox doesn’t break the bank but delivers an exceptional sound performance and means you don’t have to worry about it falling off a rock or being dropped in water. An incredibly robust design makes it a stand out candidate to be your next speaker if you’re the sort that likes to head into the wild in search of adventure but want to make sure you’ve got a soundtrack for the occasion.

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