Mobile Parking Lot

We’ve all got mobile phones and, in all likelihood, we use them to the point of obsessiveness whereby we’ll seldom go more than a few minutes without whipping them out of our pockets and trawling mindlessly on them for some unimportant update of some sort. Well, if this is as irksome to you as it likely is to a lot of people then you, sir, need to cast your eyes in the direction of this rather excellent looking Mobile Parking Lot.

The concept of the Mobile Parking Lot is born from the office environment where employees would go into meetings and then spend much of it staring aimlessly at their phones so they would be required to ‘park’ their phones in this little construct before the meeting commences. The creators say they are supporting the ultimate tool that lets people know that you’re paying attention – namely, eye contact – and that by leaving your phone in this far from high-tech space prior to the meeting, undivided attention and productivity is likely to soar. Check out a few more shots of the Mobile Parking Lot in action below:




Whilst this clearly isn’t meant to be a completely serious venture, it isn’t a bad idea at all because the level of distraction that our phones provide is unparalleled and though tongue is firmly in cheek with the Mobile Parking Lot, it is something that an awful lot of offices could potentially benefit in terms of getting productivity up and people actually listening to one another.

Available in a number of different downloads with different backdrops and looks, this is a great little project that made us laugh here at Coolector HQ and we’re in no doubt that plenty of office manages will be hitting the download button for one of these sooner rather than later.

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