MOFT Smart Desk Mat

Your workspace is where you’ll spend most of the day so it is always a good idea to keep it as neat and organised as possible and with awesome looking products like this MOFT Smart Desk Mat, which is funding over on Kickstarter right now, you can do exactly that. This adjustable desk mat boasts an innovative, modular design that effortlessly enables you to organise your workspace and helps you stay focused and comfortable throughout the whole working day. If you love products that help keep you productive, look no further.

The MOFT Smart Desk Mat on Kickstarter can be yours for the excellent price of just $79 which is some 20% off the final retail price when it officially hits the shelves after the campaign completes so make sure to move now to bag yourself a bargain. It is the first mat that combines desk mat, stand, organiser and board all into one cohesive unit and it boasts a level of versatility off the charts. Smartly designed to help you keep your focus and not become distracted during your working day, the MOFT Smart Desk Mat will add a whole new level of functionality to any contemporary workspace.

Workspace Wonder

Sleekly designed and built with the tech-conscious in mind, the MOFT Smart Desk Mat is right up our street here at The Coolector and for those who want to make their offices a more productive place, you’ll not go too far wrong with this superb bit of kit. It is rooted in the MOFT’s original philosophy: unsee, unfelt, unnoticed – it’s powerful, practical, and doesn’t take too much space. Minimalist in all the right ways but offering an impressive amount of functionality, what’s not to like about the MOFT Smart Desk Mat funding over on Kickstarter right now.

The MOFT Smart Desk Mat (from $79) creates a multi-screen ecosystem to view and organise your tech and accessories like never before. Under the top layer of the mat, it’s effortless to adjust the angle to 25° or 45°-60° through sliding it to the desired height. Managing your digital demands from each device becomes much more streamlined when everything is in its right place and, with the MOFT Smart Desk Mat, that’s exactly where it will be. It makes multi-tasking a breeze and when you start using it for the first time, you’ll be amazed at just how much more productive you become.

With the magnetic accessories in place, you can simply “throw” all your work essentials together on it making this the coolest and fastest way to keep them uncluttered and at your fingertips as and when you need them. The MOFT Smart Desk Mat means no more scattered devices, cables, pens, or papers. No trace of disorder. Everything nice and neat – just how you like it. In the mat, there are two NFC hotspots embedded and each can be customised to personal preference with a wide range of apps, including concentration apps like Pomodoro and to-do lists, to keep you on track without your attention being stolen by shopping or social apps, speedily optimising productivity and task performance. Head on over to Kickstarter to grab yours now.

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