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We’re always on the lookout for craftsman here at Coolector HQ. Whether this be in the field of design, fashion or technology, it’s important to us that the brands we shout about go about making their wares in the right way and for those who have a penchant for impeccably stylish and ethically crafted footwear, Mohinders are a brand that need to be sitting front and centre on your radar for your next shoe purchase this summer.

Mohinders are all about adventure and diving headlong into new things and this is something which has been thoroughly captured in their superbly crafted, stylish and comfortable collection of footwear which will be the perfect piece of apparel for these summer months when something light, versatile and suitable for any occasion is a must. Coming to fruition in 2012 when founder, Michael Paratore’s, pipe dream for a footwear brand turned into an entirely unexpected journey through India, searching for the origin of one of his favourite pair of slip-ons.

Quitting his job as a corporate lawyer in the process to become a top notch purveyor of shoes and, it’s fair to say, he hasn’t looked back since. Mohinders are footwear that have soul purpose and we’re big fans here at Coolector HQ. Footwear aficionados who crave an inspiring backstory and a real dedication to providing comfort will be in their element with this magnificently well made series of men’s footwear that really is ideal for those summer months when the unrelenting heat kicks in.

Master Craftsman At Work

What truly sets Mohinders apart from the competition in the footwear market is the unparalleled quality of the leather that they use in their shoes combined with the fact they ensure the social and environmental impact of their manufacturing processes are implanted to do the least amount of harm environmentally speaking. Boasting a leather backstory like no other footwear brand out there, Mohinders buy water buffalo hides straight from small, family-run businesses at a local leather market in India to produce footwear of a tangible and authentic quality that positively shines through.

These leather-tanning families use traditional techniques in their own backyards, and their trade has been passed down through generations and this is the sort of authenticity and dedication to enhancing traditional shoemaking techniques that you simply don’t see elsewhere nowadays and Mohinders deserve a thorough pat on the back for the quality footwear that will immediately jump out at you from the minute you lay eyes on it. The quality is undeniable and evident straight away from the moment you slip your first Mohinders shoe on.

Mohinders Footwear is all about small batch production and each piece of footwear that they offer is passed between home workshops, to a variety of different master craftsman who really excel in different elements of the shoe making process. These skill are far from simple to master and, in fact, take years to learn – namely, skills like precise cutting of shapes out of thick leather, evenly measured stitches without guidelines, startlingly fast hand-weaving. Long story short, this is footwear that you’ll appreciate and look after because the quality really is beyond compare.

Versatility And Comfort Rolled Into One

Footwear is one of those things that is incredibly divisive for men but, truth be told, all we ever want is something that delivers unparalleled comfort and the sort of versatility that can be worn for multiple different scenarios and the minute you lay your eyes on a pair of Mohinders Footwear, you’ll immediately realise that it positively excels on both these fronts. Stylish and well made, using traditional Indian crafting from Buffalo leather, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more appealing footwear brand anywhere else on the market right now.

There is both a contemporary aesthetic to the footwear from Mohinders but they do a great job in commingling this with the traditional craftsmanship that truly sets their brand apart from others out there and if you truly value a dedication to continuing old school techniques of making footwear, Mohinders will do you proud. We love simple, functional footwear that combines form and function here at Coolector HQ and we can safely asset that we’ve not encountered any doing it better than Mohinders in 2017 and we’re huge advocates of their eco-friendly approach to shoe craftsmanship.

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