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Adventure is in the blood for some and, as luck would have it, the great outdoors is forever throwing open new opportunities for the adventurous. In order to take full advantage of these wilderness wanders, you need to make sure that you’ve got the right apparel and accessories in your closet which are built for adventure and crafted from the finest materials. Not only that, you need a brand that understands the unrivalled joys of heading out into the wild and, in our time at least, we’ve seen no brand with a better understanding than this than the guys at Western Rise.

The latest series of apparel from Western Rise, which goes by the name of the Essentials Collection, is the pinnacle of their years of experience in creating tailor made goods for the adventurous, wilderness loving individuals out there and we’re massively enamoured with the brand’s dedication to crafting clothes that simply do more than the norm. They sum up their objectives succinctly with their “apparel, elevated” tag-line and it’s impossible to argue with this mantra as you won’t find a better selection of outdoors clothing and accessories than those from Western Rise.

Freedom First

A core element of everything that Western Rise does is freedom. It’s how they think and this infuses the apparel that they create. Freedom of movement, freedom to hit the road in search of adventure at the drop of a hat and freedom to get high quality clothing purpose built for tackling any wilderness, forest, mountain or lake that you come across at an affordable price.

The Essentials Collection from Western Rise is entirely underpinned by this sense of freedom and focuses on clothing that cuts back the bulk, enhances manoeuvrability and doesn’t let you down, whatever the weather.  This is clothing that wants you to achieve your adventure aspirations and the quality of the craftsmanship on offer guarantees it.

Western Rise have humble beginnings, originating in a small mountain town but a constant drive to do more, see more, experience more and achieve more has been the catalyst for their meteoric rise in the outdoors apparel industry and they are now recognised as one of the best of the business when it comes to supplying adventure apparel for all your road trips and excursions into the great outdoors.

There is a clear attention to detail and a striving for excellence amongst all of their clothing collections and this is certainly the case with the Essentials range of apparel which joins together two essential materials to deliver an unparalleled comfort and fit — and each piece serves as an exploration of the industrial and natural.

Some of the key pieces from the soon to be released Essentials Collection include the brand’s take on the classic five-pocket pant, enhanced through a rain-ready, ultra-durable, air-texturized, stretch nylon canvas. This has then been complimented by a go-to long sleeve henley which capitalises on the exceptional performance and capabilities of merino wool.

Built to Last

Bumps, scrapes and scratches are par of the course when enjoying wilderness adventures and this is something that Western Rise are only too aware of and that’s why they put such great care (and use only the best materials) into the crafting of their fantastic apparel and this is something which positively shines through with their latest Essentials Collection.

All their clothing is aimed at those who work hard and play hard and love spending time in nature enjoying woodland treks, mountain hikes and sojourns down the river and you needn’t have any concerns about your gear keeping up because every piece from Western Rise really is built to last the pace. You’ll give up before it does.

Summer is the perfect time to get out there and really experience all that Mother Nature has to offer but the enjoyment will be even better if you’ve got the right apparel for any occasion. You’ll find all that you require for the ultimate road trip or woodland meander within the Essentials Collection from Western Rise and, if what you’re after isn’t in there, you can rest assured it will be in the other pieces available available from this first rate outdoors apparel brand.

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