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Mondo are a brand forever on our radar here at Coolector HQ because they are perennial producers of fantastic wares inspired by popular culture such as film, television and literature and their latest venture (given our proclivity for booze) might just be our favourite to date. The product in question goes by the name of Mondo Tee-Kis and they are Gremlins inspired Tiki mugs that any cocktail lover this Christmas will definitely be on board with.


The Tiki mug is, of course, inspired by Polynesian culture and these exquisite popular culture inspired offerings from Mondo taps into that aesthetic by producing a product that you’ll recognise as both a monster from Gremlins but also immediately familiar as a traditional Tiki Mug. Gremlins is a movie that lends itself to this project from Mondo but you can rest assured they’ve got plenty of other characters in the purview for a Tiki mug in 2017.

Don’t Feed It After Midnight

Whilst the first set of Tiki Mugs from Mondo is inspired by Gremlins, there are plans afoot to produce similar offerings for the likes of Alien and The Iron Giant so you’ll have plenty of pop culture choices for imbibing your cocktails in the future. The Gremlins Tee-Ki Mug from Mondo is designed by Michael Bonanno and has been sculpted by Ramirez Studios and you will be able to take your pick from four different glazes with the finished product.


There will be a Brown version of the Gremlins Tiki available exclusively at Alamo Drafthouse theaters; the Green Tiki, which is Mondo’s general release version; and the Candy Cane and Microwave Melt versions, which will be extremely limited in nature and only made available for purchase on the Mondo site. All of which means, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen, you’ll need to move fast to get your hands on one.


Gremlins is one of our favourite movies at Coolector HQ so it stands to reason that we’ve fallen pretty hard for these Tiki Mugs from Mondo but we’re pretty sure that even if you’re not a huge fan of the film and just looking for some super cool wares for your kitchen, these will fit the bill for that too.

Watch This Space

It is looking likely that these Gremlin Tiki Mugs are just the tip of the iceberg for Mondo with so many iconic movie characters out there which could be used as inspiration, it’s only a matter of time before these Gremlins are joined by a whole host of other movie characters as well.

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Wonderfully well crafted, humorous and limited in nature, these are exactly the sorts of products we get excited about here at The Coolector and we fully expect them to fly off the shelves when they’re made available for purchase in a few days time. A cracking product that any cocktail and movie lover will appreciate.

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