Fly Massive Millworks Argossy Table

The coffee table might not be the first piece of furniture that you consider buying when decorating the living room but it is far and away one of the most functional and commonly used so it makes sense to put a lot of thought into the one that may be right for you. If you were asking us here at Coolector HQ, we’re pretty sure this awesome looking Argossy Table from Russian woodwork studio Fly Massive Millworks would be getting our vote because it doesn’t just look amazing, it is as versatile as they come.


Fly Massive Millworks are serious about their woodworking and don’t just make loads of products quickly and cheaply. They take their time and craft pieces of furniture which stand the test of time from both an aesthetics and performance point of view and nowhere is this better illustrated than with their magnificently designed and crafted Argossy Table.

Minimalist Design, Functional Finish

All of the wooden wares from Fly Massive Millworks are impressive to say the least but it is this stunning Argossy Table that really caught our eye at Coolector HQ and for any homeowner seeking out some first rate furniture over the next few months, this will more than fit the bill.



The Argossy Table from Fly Massive Millworks is crafted from a combination of fantastic and visually striking woods which includes American walnut and solid maple and this is superbly complimented with various brass touches throughout the design that really bring it to life and add more than a touch of class to proceedings.


Finished with natural tung oil, the aesthetics of the Argossy Table really are second to none and it will definitely form a first class focal point in any room you choose to deploy it. Luckily it doesn’t just look great though, the Argossy Table from Fly Massive Millworks also has a mighty impressive amount of storage for you to keep various day to day wares such as vinyl, magazines or your collection of EDC.

Well Made Goods

It’s reassuring to come across furniture purveyors like Fly Massive Millworks and see that there are still those out there who are dedicated to crafting pieces of furniture by hand and to exacting specifications instead of producing pieces as quickly and cheaply as possible. This Argossy Table is the happy result of both the design skills and woodworking capabilities of this Russian brand and they’ve truly got some superb pieces of furniture that any interior design enthusiast will appreciate.



Making use of the best materials and quality craftsmanship, the Argossy Table is definitely the sort of piece we’d be happy to see residing around Coolector HQ and if your own coffee table is due an upgrade, we think you’ll find it difficult to better this extraordinary looking one here at The Coolector.

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