MONOPOLY® Shinola Detroit Edition

As board games go, Monopoly is a mainstay of most people’s line ups and for those wanting to mix things up a bit and want something a touch more luxurious than the norm, this fantastic looking MONOPOLY® Shinola Detroit Edition will tick all of the right boxes. Shinola are one of our favourite watchmakers and accessories brands here at Coolector HQ so this version of the iconic boardgame was always going to be right up our street and for Detroit residents, it’s definitely going to appeal.

The MONOPOLY® Shinola Detroit Edition has a pretty punchy price tag of some $325 but you’re getting a limited edition version of the game made with high quality components and with a much more elegant and sophisticated design than you get with your average version. This great looking offering from Shinola has been thoughtfully designed and beautifully built to make sure it reflects the excellent design principles that this Detroit based watchmaker possesses.

Motor City Monopoly

Detroit is, of course, one of America’s most industrious cities and one well worthy of immortalising in the shape of Monopoly and this first class offering from Shinola does exactly that. It pays homage to a city with a robust history and culture in a glorious designed and realised iteration of the iconic boardgame. Featuring Detroit staples and icons, from Woodward Avenue to Bagley Street, this collectible game geographically embodies the city Shinola is lucky to call home.

The MONOPOLY® Shinola Detroit Edition ($325) is certainly considerably more classy than the version that is probably tucked away in your attic. This eye-catching offer from Shinola has a deluxe game board which is crafted from black lacquered solid mahogany. The tokens, some classic and some custom to Shinola, feature an antique finish. All the parts of the game—money, cards, hotels, houses and tokens—can be stored under the game board, so you can keep the game on display without worrying about losing the parts.

Whether you’re a fan of Monopoly or just good, limited edition design, this Shinola Detroit Edition will be a great addition to your home. It is of heirloom quality and is designed to be cherished by both Detroit fans and avid Monopoly collectors. Everywhere you look on the board, there is a neat little design detail that sets it apart from the regular version of the game and we’re loving its classy aesthetic here at Coolector HQ.

Synonymous with Detroit

Shinola have become synonymous with the city of Detroit and their endeavours to make it one of the greatest cities once again. The relationship between Detroit and Shinola started back in 2011, when the brand acquired the rights to the name of a defunct shoe-polish company in the city and began making watches, leather goods and hand-assembled bicycles. Since then, the brand has become synonymous with quality, and this new version of Monopoly features the brand’s signature artisanal touch.

If you’ve got a game night that you want to class up a touch, this MONOPOLY® Shinola Detroit Edition would definitely get our vote here at The Coolector. The game is a fitting tribute to Shinola’s hometown and it is there to be enjoyed by Detroit loyalists and Monopoly for many years to come and the fact that it is made from superior quality materials means that it will of a heritage quality that you can pass on to the next generation of board game lovers.

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