Montebar Villa

Architecture comes in many different forms and we all have aesthetics and interiors that we typically lean towards and, for us here at Coolector HQ, it is extraordinary pieces of design like the Montebar Villa by JM Architecture that really resonate and if you too are a fan of well-thought out, impeccably designed architecture, then this will be right up your street too.

Located in one of the most magical backdrops imaginable – namely, the Swiss Alps – the Montebar Villa is a pre-fabricated, principally wooden structure that has eye-catching lines and stunning views across the landscapes before it. Delivering sunlight into the property regardless of season, the talented team at JM Architecture have gone that extra mile so far as attention to detail is concerned and the quality of the finish here really is second to none.

Luxurious Surroundings

To be honest, it would be pretty difficult for any property not to look great if it is located in the Swiss Alps but the Montebar Villa really is a cut above from a design point of view – both externally and internally – and every care has been taken to ensure the design met all the local building codes for the region, most notably the requirement for each property to have a dark, pitched roof in order to best fit in with its surroundings.

The Montebar Villa by JM Architects grants incredible 180 degree views of the valley from the south elevation of the property and the property perches on the end of a slope with a series of vineyards below for the ultimate in luxurious surroundings. Amazing to look at and boasting a highly functional, minimalist and stylish interior perfectly suited to where the property is located, the Montebar Villa is an example of clever architecture and interior design at its finest.

A thermally insulated, prefabricated wooden exterior is ideal for the alpine environment in which the Montebar Villa resides and, perhaps more impressively, the entire structure was erected in just a few days. The final cladding on the exterior of this superb property is porcelain stoneware tiles which deliver the highly engaging aesthetic and energy efficient finish that is important for the architects.

Stand Out Design

We invariably gravitate towards the more unusual looking designs here at Coolector HQ and the Montebar Villa from JM Architects certainly falls into that bracket. This striking piece of design does a first rate job of fitting in with the mountainous surroundings and delivers not just a supremely functional living space but an environmentally conscious design as well.

A first class example of how to carefully design a structure to make sure it doesn’t negatively impact on the surroundings, the Montebar Villa is definitely one of our favourite pieces of architecture and the understated, minimalist vibe that it exudes is sure to appeal to lovers of modern architecture.

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