Deus Ex Machina South Paw Motorbike

When it comes to motorbikes, it’s fair to say that Deus Ex Machina are a brand that know what’s what so when they craft a new contraption, most people will inevitably sit up and take notice – particularly when it’s as awesome looking as the gloriously stylish South Paw Motorbike from the iconic brand.

The Deus Ex Machina South Paw Motorbike has a design inspiration taken from the flat track rider machines that are synonymous with motorbike racing and for those of you with a love of this type of aesthetic, this incredible machine will appeal on so many different levels. Retro in the visual department but boasting a thoroughly contemporary level of performance, there is nothing not to like about this extraordinary contraption and its easy to see why petrolheads are falling for it in their droves.

Robust Performance

This stylish looking ride is based upon Honda’s VTRs, a 249cc V Twin screamer, which were involved in many an adrenaline soaked race and tour across Japan and were tested to their limits by the fearless Tokyo couriers which is unquestionably a fine test of their capabilities, truth be told.. The small but perfectly formed V Twin pulls harder than would seem natural and it boasts an exceptionally high RPM with unparalleled handling – it’s simple to see why Deus Ex Machina used it as the muse for their superb looking South Paw Machine.

The South Paw Motorbike from Deus Ex Machina came to fruition following a series of  series of 1:1 sketches and the body form was hand crafted prior to being formed in a carbon fibre, epoxy composite and woven glass. With decidedly eye-catching curves and uncompromising aesthetic this cracking contraption takes inspiration from the bodywork of modern day flat track machines but with a nod to the past by borrowing lines from 1970’s Champion style tracker fuel tanks and seat units – the end result being a stunning machine that any motorbike lover will appreciate.

Whilst motorbikes aren’t exactly something that we know a lot about here at Coolector HQ, it really is difficult not to be impressed with the spiffing design of this Deus Ex Machina South Paw and for anyone with a love of this sort of machine, it will unquestionably be ticking all of the right boxes from a design and performance point of view.

Eye-Catching Specs

As we’ve come to expect from everything that Deus Ex Machina produce, the quality is plain to see and that’s no different with their superbly conceived and executed South Paw Motorbike. This exceptional machine offers a set of 17 inch Excel alloy racing rims alongside  4.5 inch rear and 3 up front which were laced to Honda hubs and are joined by first class performance of Metzeler Sportec M7 RR tyres.

The South Paw doesn’t disappoint in the braking department either as this is covered with an uprated 320mm front disc and a mix of Nissin and a Brembo components, a 2 piston caliper at the front which combines to provide unparalleled stopping power while still clearing the spokes. All in all, you’ll be hard pressed to find a machine that looks better or boasts a better performance than the excellent South Paw Motorbike from Deus Ex Machina.

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