This Is Ground MOD Leather Case

If you’re a detritus accumulator like us here at Coolector HQ and regularly carry around bits and pieces with no discernible means of storage other than your pockets then you, sir, are going to want to sit up and take notice of a rather lovely little accessory that goes by the name of the MOD Leather Case from This Is Ground.

We big fans of luxurious leather goods here at Coolector HQ and, to be honest, we’ve not seen many better than those on offer from This Is Ground and this Tanned Leather MOD Case is the pick of the bunch. For those who regularly commute around their city and require their gadgets and notepads available quickly and effectively without compromising your style, you’ll never have cause for complaint with one of This Is Ground’s awesome leather offerings.

We can’t really abide bulky, cumbersome carries here at Coolector HQ and that’s why we’ve fallen for these MOD cases because they have a minimalist, organised aesthetic at their core that immediately caught our eye and left us wanting one pretty bad.

These cases draw their design inspiration from vintage portfolio style cases which have plenty of space for the sort of items carried around by businessmen of yesteryear i.e. business cards, journals and what have you and these offerings from This Is Ground have been contemporised to be well suited to the raft of technology that we carry around today without forgoing the space set aside for a notepad. Take a look at a few more shots of This Is Ground’s leather carries below:


As you can plainly see, style positively exudes from these This Is Ground MOD Leather Cases and we think that they will be more than capable of housing our multitude of gadgets and writing apparatus in a devilishly dapper manner.

Capturing a minimalist look superbly well and crafted from vegetable tanned leather, there is an undeniable visual appeal to these cases and for anyone looking for carry that will help them port their wares around with a touch of panache, we can think of few better candidates than this.

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