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Working in the Shoreditch area of London on a daily basis, we are treated to our fair share of hipsters here at Coolector HQ and, safe to say, none of the aforementioned hipsters have curried as much favour with us as these, quite frankly brilliant, Movie Hipster Kits from Parisian illustrator and artist, Alizee Lafon.

Described as a tribute to cinema, Lafon’s Movie Hipster Kits are a series of prints from some of the most iconic film and television series of the last decade or so and each print contains key elements from the film, presented in a highly impressive way to create the immensely stylish finish products you see before you. With the likes of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Pulp Fiction and The Big Lebowski all getting the Lafon treatment, there should be a print to suit every taste within the collection. You can take a look at these prints in situ below:



We’re massive fans of these Movie Hipster Kits from Alizee Lafon, not least because they’ve chosen more or less all our favourite movies and television programmes as their subject matter. The excellence of the execution with this artwork is plain to see and if you too are a fan of the shows and movies mentioned, you’ll find few better pieces of artwork for your home or office than these rather spiffing Movie Hipster Kit Prints.

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