Cold in July

I think we can all agree that Michael C. Hall is a pretty great actor but it’s going to take an awful lot to shake off the shackles of Dexter and forge a movie career after such a long running and popular television series. The best way to do this in most cases is to find an indie film to be a part of and he’s done exactly that in the form of the excellent looking Cold in July.

The film stars Hall alongside Don Johnson and Sam Shepard and is set in Texas in the late 1980s where Hall’s character, a family man by the name of Richard Dane, shoots and kills an intruder in his home. Hailed as a small-time hero, things don’t quite add up and it seems as though the police are covering something up and matters are only made worse when the father of the man Dane kills rolls into town with revenge on his mind.

Cold in July is exactly the sort of film that we’re big fans of here at The Coolector and if the above trailer is anything to go by, it boasts not only a stellar cast but also a suitably retro 80s soundtrack that will only serve to add to the film’s appeal still further. The movie is directed, rather well by the looks of it, by Jim Mickle and is based on the novel by Joe R. Lansdale. We were genuinely interested in what Michael C. Hall would get up to after Dexter and we’re glad to see him lending himself to great looking, low-budget films like Cold in July which is set for release later this month.

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