mr.GO! Portable LED Lantern

Gone are the days where we carry around flaming torches – we live in a much more technological age now and the lanterns available to us certainly reflect this and none more so than this awesome looking and supremely functional mr.GO! Portable LED Lantern which will be your next must have home accessory.


The mr.GO! Portable LED Lantern is as clever as it is versatile and, put simply, it is a cordless LED lantern that can be carried around with you whenever you need some extra lighting so perfect for those camping adventures, drinking beers out in the wild or when you’ve got a power cut at home and need a reliable source of lighting to navigate the home.

Let There Be Light

We’re big fans of clever pieces of design here at Coolector HQ and the mr.GO! Portable LED Lantern unquestionably falls into this category with its minimalist design and huge versatility that allows you to use it for all sorts of scenarios. Boasting an oval silhouette that delivers a curved light panel within its arched housing, this will double up as a handle for when you’re on the move. It’s an impressive piece of design and one that has a great level of functionality for use indoors and out so if you’re a regular camper, you’ll probably want one of these mr.GO! Portable LED Lanterns stowed away for the trip.



Extremely simple to operate, the mr.GO! Portable LED Lantern lets you juice up the batteries through its USB port and keeps 5000mAh of power in reserve so you can take it anywhere with you without fears of being plunged into darkness all of a sudden. The USB port can also be used to charge other devices such as smartphones, cameras and eReaders which makes it even more of the perfect camping companion.


The battery will last up to 20 hours (on the dimmest setting) and around five hours on the brightest so you’ll definitely be able to get plenty of light out of this cracking piece of design. It comes replete with a cool leather strap which can be used to hang the mr.GO! Portable LED Lantern from trees, hooks or, well, anything really and means that it is a versatile design which you can carry when you need to and hang when you don’t.

Understated Design

The minimalist design of the mr.GO! Portable LED Lantern really stands out and appeals to us here at Coolector HQ and for any homeowner or adventure enthusiast after a functional and genuinely useful form of lighting, this would certainly be our pick. The sheer wealth of options in terms of how you choose to deploy it coupled with the first class design and performance all combine to make it an essential purchase in our opinion.



Finding little devices like this help to ensure the enjoyment of camping trips even more because lighting, or lack thereof, can be one of the biggest nuisances when in the deep wilderness and this mr.GO! Portable LED Lantern will eradicate all these issues and even charge your smartphone whilst doing it. A real win, win.

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