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Cameras today are, let’s face it, fantastic but for many, particularly newcomers to photography, they can be incredibly daunting pieces of equipment that can often seem impossible to get them to do the one thing you purchased them for – taking great photos. Well, what if a camera still boasting all the fantastic photo taking capabilities of your top of the range cameras but boiled things down to its simplest form and just had one button on the exterior. Such a device exists. It’s called the Relonch Camera and it looks superb.

The Relonch Camera aims to let photographers to unleash their talent without being bogged down in buttons and settings and concentrating on just taking the best spur of the moment pictures possible. It has a single button on the exterior for taking pictures and that’s it. Simplicity at its finest but not at the cost of picture quality.

Ultimate in Minimalism

With an overriding objective of simplifying the whole photo taking process and getting down to the crux of it and delivering top notch photos, the Relonch Camera is an exercise in minimalist design and aesthetics. To some, the fact that it has no screen, no flash, no settings, no zoom and no SD card might make the Relonch Camera sound too basic but so many great photo opportunities are missed whilst we fiddle unnecessarily with camera settings and this is exactly what this great device is aiming to eradicate.

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The removing of settings will be a godsend for those who aren’t confident with cameras and don’t know where to begin because having just one special setting, that takes great photos each time at the touch of a button, you won’t spend time fretting and flicking through the different settings on your camera and ultimately end up missing the shot you were hoping to take.


A lack of flash might also be a cause for concern for traditional photographers but in actuality, taking photos in natural light, without flash, will almost always deliver a more authentic, natural looking shot and that’s exactly the sort of pictures you’ll be taking with a Relonch Camera. If you’re more concerned with just taking great shots and less worried about wading through settings and filters, you’ll love everything that this superb camera has to offer.

Stripped Back Style

There is nothing superfluous to the design of the Relonch Camera, no unnecessary bells and whistles. They rely on the underlying quality of their technology and with their one-button interface, they trust the user to capture great photos without having to worry too much about whether the lighting is right or if they’ve got the camera switched to the right setting.


It takes photography back to its roots and supplies a great means of enjoying the process of taking pictures once again and removes you from the technological side of things which, if you’re not overly camera savvy, will definitely be a blessing. Whilst this type of camera won’t suit everybody, it’s certainly got a place amongst those who just want to take excellent photos on a good camera with no distractions getting in the way.

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