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Autumn is prime BBQ season in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Not too hot to be stifling like in the summer and not too cold to warrant heading back inside so now is the time to invest in an awesome grill for all your barbecuing requirements. Well, you need look no further than a fantastic American brand by the name of Traeger who have one of the best line ups of grills we’ve come across and have a variety to suit every budget and cookout requirement.

Traeger offer some mighty cool grills to choose from with most being fuelled by wood pellets to create their grilling temperatures. Not all wood pellets are created equal however and they use the best on the market to ensure your fuel delivers incredible pure, hardwood taste, and consistency in your cooks you can rely on time and time again. Aesthetically superior and boasting an unparalleled performance, it’s easy to see why Traeger are one of America’s best loved grill brands and we’d love to get our hands on one of their amazing bits of kit here at The Coolector.

Check out some of the best grills from Traeger below:

Traeger Pro Series Grill – $1000

The durable and hard wearing new Pro body style boasts a sawhorse chassis that makes it one of the most stable and no-nonsense grills on the market. The brawny new side-lift bar delivers an even weight distribution and the robust, all-terrain wheels ease while rolling your grill over pavers, rocks, and dirt. Technologically superior, with a new Digital Pro Controller which has Advanced Grilling Logic, which maintains a +/- 15 degree F temperature control to ensure accurate grilling temperatures at all times. The awesome Traeger Pro Series Grill will make you a BBQ colossus. ($1000)

Traeger Timberline 850 Pellet Grill – $1700

Top quality from top to bottom, the Traeger Timberline 850 Grill ($1700) has a pill-shaped barrel, double-wall stainless steel interior, and airtight lid gasket, and crafted with the structural integrity of a fortified castle. You will want to grill more with the three-tier stainless steel grates, and will be able to cook it all 20% faster courtesy of the new TRU Convection® system built into the grill. You can adjust your setting from the comfort of the couch, or across town, with The Timberline’s WiFIRE® controller. It lets you adjust the smoke, set timers and change or hold set temperatures from 165°F to 500°F within +/- 5°F** all from your phone via the Traeger App. ($1700)

Traeger Ranger Pellet Grill – $400

If you love to head out into the wild and take wood fired flavour wherever adventure takes you, then the Traeger Ranger Pellet Grill ($400) is the one for you. Cook up a storm in the wilderness right from your truck bed while you spend the day at your favourite fishing hole, or bring it along for a weekend away. This cracking grill boasts Traeger’s Digital Arc controller, and the Ranger delivers incredibly precise temperature control with an added Keep Warm Mode to make sure your food is ready to eat whenever you are. Next time adventure calls, answer it with the Traeger Ranger. ($400)

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