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A watch should be a reflection of the wearer’s own mindset and way of life and you like to live life on the edge and always seek out action packed adventure, you’re going to need a timepiece that keeps pace with your lifestyle. We can think of few better candidates for the job other than the superb selection of watches from MTM Special Ops and for those of you with a love of adrenaline soaked activities, these are well and truly the timepieces for you.

MTM Special Ops Watches are, as the name suggests, made with a military mindset and they are the world’s premier manufacturer of tactical military watches and if it’s a rugged, dependable, well-crafted watch that you’re after you really need look no further. Making use of state of the art technology, MTM watches not only comply with but actually surpass military standards so you know these timepieces certainly aren’t going to let you down however you choose to wear them. The goal of these watches is to complement military & public service personnel whilst also being suitable for the causal watch lover such as ourselves here at Coolector HQ.

Durable, Reliable and Robust

Watches that are made for adventure and an active lifestyle need to have the materials, specifications and components to back it up and this is certainly true of the eye-catching collection of timepieces from the guys at MTM Special Ops. Each watch is designed, developed, and engineered in the USA. Carefully assembled and calibrated to perfection in their manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, CA.

They boast a whole host of first class watch collections including the Vulture, Cobra, Air Stryk II and the Silencer series and regardless of your own personal sense of style or the activity you’re looking to wear your watch for, MTM Special Ops will have the timepiece to match.

The first thing that truly jumps out at you with the MTM Special Ops Watches is their highly sophisticated design which have been conceived off the back of years of development and research. These magnificently stylish and robust watches are combat ready timepieces and they are also GSA approved so the quality truly does speak for itself. In addition, MTM watches are limited edition, multi-functional, and water resistant between 100 – 200 meters.

Each one is Mil-Spec compliant and individually numbered and crafted from a solid block of Titanium or 316L stainless steel for the industrial, durable timepiece that you see before you. They are well and truly built for action, MTM Watches are crafted for the Soldier, the Athlete, the Modern Adventurer, the Weekend Warrior and those who really do have adventure in their blood.

We love tactical, action ready watches here at The Coolector and, quite frankly, we’re yet to encounter any watchmaker doing it better than the guys at MTM Special Ops. Originally, these fantastic timepieces were only available for purchase by Special Operations Forces – namely, the likes of the Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Air Force Pilots, Delta Force Units, SAS, S.W.A.T. Teams, Police Officers, Firefighters, DEA, FBI & Secret Service Agents. Luckily for us, and indeed you, the MTM Special Ops Watches can now be purchased by members of the general public.

Statement Watches

The term “statement watch” is bandied around a lot today in the world of timepieces and rarely is it true but with MTM Special Ops, that’s exactly what you get. The rugged, robust style of each of their different collections of watches really do stand out on the wrist and each one has been meticulously crafted to deliver the best performance possible – which is why they are the watch of choice for some of the bravest, most action packed professions on the planet.

Needless to say these watches are going to appeal to a certain demographic and that’s just the way the guys at MTM Special Ops want it. They painstakingly craft their watches from the best available materials and this is responsible for delivering their unparalleled durability and superb aesthetic appeal. If you’re the sort that demands perfection from your watch and need an accessory that can keep up with your outdoor lifestyle, this is the ideal choice.

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