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Cycling is all about exploring but it’s no good getting lost so it’s a good idea to have technology by your side if you’re planning any epic cycling journeys in the near future and from a navigational and statistical point of view, you’re not going to find many bits of cycling gadgetry cooler and more versatile than the fantastic looking SmartHalo.

The SmartHalo is a means to bike smarter. You’ll be blown away by the capabilities of this little piece of kit which can be appended to the handlebars of your bike and deliver everything from directions through to fitness statistics from your latest ride and if you’re the sort of rider that loves the latest in technology, this is a device that you simply must have. Cycling is great fun at the best of times but when you throw awesome bits of tech into the mix as well, the enjoyment is increased exponentially and that’s why we’re loving the SmartHalo here at Coolector HQ.

Fix Up, Look Smart

There are so many impressive elements to the SmartHalo cycling device that will make you wonder why you haven’t already got one attached to your handlebars and just a few of it’s most eye-catching characteristics include its navigational performance which gives you  turn-by-turn navigation straight on your handlebar, through an intuitive halo of light. Combine this with the amazing night lighting capabilities which turn on automatically when the sun goes down and will shut down on its own when you’ve finished your ride – something we can all agree is pretty cool.

As if this wasn’t enough, the SmartHalo also has an integrated alarm system which operates via an internal motion sensor which guarantees that any persistent meddling with your trusty steed triggers a loud alarm and will scare away any would be thief. Additionally, if you’re the sort that cycles for health and fitness reasons as well, the SmartHalo has plenty of functionality that will be right up your street. It lets you measure and set goals for yourself and, better still, it will showcase your progress in real time, right on your handlebar – so you will never be wondering how far you’ve gone or the speeds you’ve been doing.

Using your smartphone whilst cycling is something which is often a mighty tricky undertaking but no longer will this be the case with the fantastically versatile SmartHalo that has a clever personal assistant feature which will ensure you’ll never miss an important call again from street noise drawing out your phone ringtone or vibrations. The device will integrate seamlessly with more or less any style of standard bicycle and is designed to be theft-proof thanks to an innovative locking mechanism.

Always There When You Need It

The SmartHalo is an always ready device that any cyclist is going to love, along with its minimalist aesthetic with no visible screws which ensures its refined and sophisticated visual element. Smart technology has become a mainstay of our day to day lives and the SmartHalo looks as though being the catalyst that genuinely makes our bikes “smart” and ensures we always stay connected and informed when we climb on the saddle.

A clever, circular interface that helps ensures your attention stays on the road, the SmartHalo is impossible to steal but extremely easy to remove legitimately if you’re wanting to take it off for whatever reason. A thoroughly impressive battery life that lasts as long as you do really sets SmartHalo apart from the crowd and SmartHalo’s iOS and Android apps main objective is to ensure it as simple as possible so you can focus on your riding. With a colour-coded interface that let’s you control SmartHalo in as little taps as possible, it is highly intuitive and simple to use. Love smart tech and biking? Look no further.

Price: $149

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