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Organisation and having a clutter free workspace are two real weaknesses of ours here at Coolector HQ and we’re definitely the sort that require assistance to keep ourselves ordered and that’s why we’re loving this brilliant piece of design that goes by the name of the MTO Organiser that will help keep your workspace in check and your various accessories out of your way.

The MTO Organiser was made for a so-called RoboWood collection of pieces by Alexander Kanygin and it boasts the sort of clever, functional and versatile design that will genuinely help you make sure your workspace remains clutter free. Adaptable to your own requirements, the MTO Organiser delivers a small but perfectly formed solution to helping keep your desk neat and tidy.

Clutter Free Creation

The customisation aspect of the MTO Organiser from Alexander Kanygin is what really sets it apart in our opinion here at The Coolector. With most pieces of this nature, you are forced into making your accessories fit into a pre-ordained layout but with the MTO, you can turn the sides in and make changes to the configuration until you reach an arrangement that works with the items that you’re looking to store in there from your workspace.

Remaining organised in your workspace has many benefits and is a real catalyst for creativity. Having a desk that remains free and clear of the various workspace clutter that we all have is something that will help you remain focused on your work and not distracted by the turmoil of a messy desk. The MTO Organiser is perfectly suited to helping you achieve this sort of unmessy, understated workspace and we’re loving just how functional and versatile it is here at The Coolector.

Carefully crafted from waste wood materials, as was the objective of the RoboWood project, the MTO Organiser offers a way of ensuring you’re always focused on the task at hand and for those of you that love clever little design projects, this will likely be very much to your liking. Well made and wonderfully conceived, it will make your workspace much more conducive to creativity and that can only be a good thing.

Delicious Design

As big design fans here at Coolector HQ, we always appreciate those who go out of their way to make things more functional and useful and that’s exactly what Russian designer, Alexander Kanygin, has done here with the MTO Organiser. Whilst it’s not going to change the world, this clever piece of design might just make you a more productive individual by freeing up valuable real estate on your workspace and helping you concentrate that bit more.

If you’re currently fighting a losing battle with a messy workspace and want something to help slay the clutter dragon, this brilliant piece of design from Kanygin will tick all of the right boxes from an aesthetic and performance point of view and we definitely need one in our lives here at The Coolector.

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