Mugu House

California is fortunate to boast one of the world’s most mesmerising coastlines and, it’s fair to say, houses that overlook it are seldom on the affordable end of the spectrum which leads us to believe the latest piece of astounding architecture we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ, Mugu House, is going to be astronomically expensive not just because of its incredible location but also its phenomenal design features.

Mugu House is the work of Malka Architecture and is nestled on Malibu’s Hills porosities at Mugu Point, California and you’re unlikely to come across a more unusual piece of home design or a more incredibly situated property anywhere else in 2017 than this sensational dwelling which, frankly, needs to be seen to be believed.

Breathtaking Views

Affording magnificent views, the Mugu House by Malka Architecture is unquestionably one of the more unusual properties that you’re likely to find on the Californian coast but it is amongst the most luxurious and stunningly designed as well. This impeccable piece of architecture benefits from the existing topography of the actual site ; the end result of this is a zero impact on the surrounding nature, with the structure jaw-droppingly immersed within the rock at Mugu Point.

Environmentally conscious in design and mind-blowing in execution, The Mugu House really does push the boat out at every level and we’re lost for words at its aesthetic appeal and multitude of clever design features here at Coolector HQ. Principally made from prefabricated alveolar concrete made from primary materials available in the local area such as sand and aggregates, the Mugu House has 28 time less C02 emissions than a traditional concrete house which is important given the nature filled location of the property.

The Mugu House is so entrenched within the natural terrains of Mugu Point that you barely notice its there from the outside but it’s the inside that excels from a visual point of view with some stunning interior design touches (with the shape of the rocks dictating a lot of the interior spaces) that really capitalise on the unique and breathtaking location in which the property is situated.

First Rate Design

Malka Architecture have carried out a truly extraordinary piece of design with the Mugu House that really needs to applauded as they have created a stunning home in one of America’s most picturesque and sought after areas and delivered it in such a way as not to impact on an area of such natural beauty – a thoroughly impressive undertaking indeed.

Boasting large bay windows, the main façade positively showers light upon the owners and the stunning property offers a long stretched framing on the Californian panorama that is undoubtedly one of the most mesmerising views of the coast imaginable. As huge fans of innovative architecture here at Coolector HQ, this incredible piece of design has really resonated with us and we can’t wait to see what else Malka Architecture come up with in 2017.

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