Madera Union Wallet

A well made wallet is an essential accessory for any man and you need one that meets both your style needs and which delivers the sort of functionality that is a must for everyday use. Whilst this sounds simple, not all wallets manage to provide this but the aesthetically superior Madera Union Wallet certainly does and if you’re looking to up your EDC game in 2017, this is just the accessory to do it.

Madera are woodworking studio that aim to craft eye-catching, functional and stylish accessories that any man will appreciate and all of their products use premium hardwood sourced from sustainable North American commercial forests, with the supremely cool Union Wallet being no exception. Offering an excellent solution to your everyday carry requirements, this striking wallet has certainly left us impressed here at The Coolector.

Plenty of Storage

Whilst it’s fair to say that most men today have significantly reduced the amount of pocket detritus that we carry around with us, it’s still important to have a wallet with sufficient storage for all your essential cards and cash. The Union Wallet from Madera is one such wallet and boasts space for between 2-8 cards which will be more than enough for most people and there is a hidden compartment for carrying your coins and keys as well, so it really does have all the bases covered.

Available in three different types of wood – Cherry, Oak and Walnut – the Union Wallet has an understated elegance to its design and considerable functionality throughout to make it a classy addition to any man’s EDC line up of accessories. This stylish wallet is easy to use with a quick access slot for your most commonly used cards and the ability to easily flick through the rest of your cards to the front of the wallet.

With an honest, understated design that will appeal to those of a minimalist mindset, the Union Wallet from Madera has a solid hand-polished wooden shell that really does stand out from an aesthetic point of view but it also manages to dovetail this with one of the most versatile and functional wallets money can buy – which is a real win, win in our books here at Coolector HQ.

Wood for the Trees

Top quality woods are used in the construction of these awesome Madera Union Wallets and they are designed to withstand years of wear and tear and over time will naturally acquire a visually appealing aged patina that makes them even more unique to you. In terms of looking after these wallets, the occasional buffing will help to restore your overlay and keep it looking its best for years to come.

For those of you who find yourself in need of a new wallet and like well made wares that provide both form and function, you’ll find everything that you’re after with these excellent Union Wallets from Madera. Stylish, well crafted and with sufficient storage space for any modern man, we’ll definitely be looking to add one of these eye-catching wallets to our EDC line up here at The Coolector.

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