Mumm x Usain Bolt: Celebrate To Win

Being the fastest man on the planet is a rather extraordinary feat in its own right so it stands to reason that the man who lays claim to this accolade is an extraordinary individual and it’s Usain Bolt’s winning mentality that is celebrated in the superb Mumm x Usain Bolt: Celebrate To Win campaign. Looking into the secrets to Bolt’s unparalleled success is a peek behind the curtain at what motivated the world’s quickest individual and, as you might expect, there is somewhat of a party vibe to proceedings.

Taking on the role of new CEO for the Mumm Champagne brand which, it’s probably prudent to clarify, stands for Chief Entertainment Officer, Usain Bolt showcases how his inimitable positive mindset is the driving force behind his ongoing success and for those who have always been a fan of Bolt’s dance moves, both on and off the track, you’re in for a treat here as he’s busting a move or two throughout this great video from the Mumm x Usain Bolt: Celebrate To Win campaign.

Toast To Success

The Mumm x Usain Bolt: Celebrate To Win campaign unveils a more intimate side to Bolt’s character that you may not have seen before but his enviable swagger is still well and truly in place. This thoroughly engaging film has been directed by Luis Cervero who is perhaps best known for his work with Pharell Williams amongst others and it features the record breaking athlete alongside the former Jamaican Miss Universe contestant Yendi Philipps. It delivers an up-to-the-minute embodiment of Maison Mumm’s signature values – namely, Dare. Win. Celebrate.

With out of this world choreography throughout the video, it’s the sort of display that’s impossible to take your eyes off but, truth be told, this is exactly how Usain Bolt has lived his life and career and has always find himself as the centre of attention – and for good reason. In this first class collaboration with Maison Mumm, the athlete delivers a high-energy dance duet which provides him an opportunity to strip off his clothes before hitting the starting blocks in his running gear. It’s at this point it is revealed that Usain has in fact been celebrating his victory before even running the race – the cornerstone of his success, confidence.

Needless to say, Maison Mumm are one of the world’s most recognisable labels when it comes to champagne so it makes sense for them to have partnered up with an icon in his own sector in the shape of Usain Bolt. This effortlessly entertaining video is infused with Bolt’s winning mentality mantra of “Don’t win to celebrate, celebrate to win”. This is a mindset shared by Maison Mumm and this video is a celebration of an unforgettable icon of victory and celebration in the world of professional athletics.

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