Munk Pack Fruit Squeezes

As suckers for branding here at Coolector HQ, there was an air of inevitably about the fact that we would fall hook line and sinker for any brand that boasts an awesome little chipmunk as their motif and that’s exactly what has happened having stumbled across some spiffing foodstuff by the name of Munk Pack Fruit Squeezes.

Despite giving off a distinct baby food-esque vibe, this couldn’t be further from the truth because the Munk Pack Fruit Squeezes – which consist of oatmeal and fruit in squeezable pouches – are actually tailored towards adventurous souls and are perfectly suited to providing a burst of energy when tackling some woodland trails or mountainous treks. Munk Pack are the creation of a couple of health conscious, adventure seekers by the name of Michelle and Tobias who have endeavoured to craft a product that was both healthy and portable and through this objective the Munk Pack Fruit Squeezes were born.

If you make regular trips out into the great outdoors and have been looking for some stop-gap snacks to fill the void when energy levels are sagging, these brilliant looking Munk Pack Fruit Squeezes might just be the ideal candidate. Check out a couple more shots of their cracking wares below:



Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 09.22.24

Available in three different flavours – apple quinoa, blueberry acai and raspberry coconut – you’re sure to find an iteration that suits your taste palate and you should certainly consider packing a few of these into the rucksack the next time you go into the wild (and not just because of the top notch chipmunk logo and branding). We’re the first to admit that we eat far from healthily here at Coolector HQ but when we come across awesomeness like this it is enough to get us to at least think about changing.

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